Muir Energy was a welcomed source of nutrition and energy for our family on our recent trip to Zion National Park for a week. We took with a custom Energy Pack created for us by Muir Energy themselves!

Fast Burning Energy

Perfect for your short adventures, the Fast Burning Muir Energy gels are created from quality fruits and vegetables that are dehydrated for minimal water content and maximum nutritional density.

Fast Burning Energy flavors are offered in more fruit forward flavors and I personally can’t recommend the Passion Fruit Pineapple Banana one enough! The taste is tangy, awakening all your taste buds with a slight saltiness on the back end. Don’t get me wrong, the saltiness tastes amazing during the hot weather and helps to bring out all the flavors, much like it does in your home kitchen when you cook.

It was 105+ degrees in Zion when we were there and the salt was much needed to maintain adequate electrolyte levels for hydration.

Slow Burning Energy

Ideal for longer adventures, hikes and runs, the Slow Burning Muir Energy Gels are creamy and nut based with a secondary flavor such as lemon or vanilla that turns the base into decadence.

My favorite Muir Energy Slow Burning Flavor is the Cacao Almond. There is a soft spot in my heart (and belly) for chocolate! I prefer the non caffeinated version when I am on the trail. Caffeinated and non caffeinated versions are very easy to distinguish from each other- just look for the lightening bolt at the top of the package.

If you have a tree nut allergy, a sunflower energy gel is available and it is on point in it’s flavor profile! There is a new flavor called Sweet Potato Oregano and I am already drooling.


Each Muir Energy Gel is 1 ounce and are incredibly easy to toss in the pocket of your shorts or running vest. Or for us, throw all 10 into the brains of our day packs for easy access when our body needs more fuel for the trail. Muir Energy does not require refrigeration so the extreme temperatures in Zion were not going to affect the quality.

When we were on The Narrows trial, I took the Cacao Almond Slow Burn at the start of The Narrows as we were expecting to complete about 10 miles round trip that day. At about mile 6, I ate the Red Raspberry Fast Burn because I could feel my body felt deprived from the uphill climb, through water and in some spots carrying our kids so they wouldn’t be submerged in the murky water.

When we hiked the Emerald Pools earlier that week, I only add the Passion Fruit Pineapple fast burn because the hike wasn’t extreme in elevation gain and only 3 miles.



Are you hard core and spend your days and weekends out on long runs, bikes or hikes? Stick with Muir Energy’s Slow Burning options with Fast Burning and a mate to cross the finish line.

Perhaps you are like myself and millions others who are in the health care field and not always able to eat lunch. For my 4-6 hour long surgeries, I find the Muir Energy Slow Burning to get me through the case. This is where I will enjoy the energy gels with caffeine because not every surgery is one out of Grey’s Anatomy.

Is it a Gel?

I wouldn’t necessarily use the term gel to describe the consistency of the Muir Energy packets. Muir Energy, to me, is more of a dense paste. One could spread it on a banana, cracker or toast for additional carbs. If you’re at home or work you could even add it to a protein shake to make it more nutrient dense.

Other Healthy Offerings

Muir Energy also has fun hydration mixes to add to your water supply or shakes. They are available in 20 serving size bags and come in three flavors. A sample pack of the hydration is available as well.

All Muir Energy and Hydration products are made from 3-6 ingredients and all are non-GMO, organic, vegan, paleo and gluten free.

Muir Energy is available on their website or at various retailers (check website for specifics). A variety pack is available on


Safe Travels!