Multi-tasking is the name of the game for frequent travelers, and when time is of the essence, having a device that can charge more than one thing at a time is key. Whether you are back on the road cautiously or working from home while juggling an entire family’s responsibilities, the Mobile Edge All-in-One USB-C Adapter Hub provides ample support for the business (or well-connected) traveler.

How does it work

Its “Quick Charge 3.0” technology gives it mega potential to power up battery life quickly. When you are most in need of a power up, the Mobile Edge All-in-One USB-C Adapter Hub device comes through. It works on any device that has a USB-C Adapter Hub outlet (that includes tablets, phones, and laptops), and it serves as a central port (thanks to two USB ports) to charge multiple devices. Its power charging amounts to 60 watts, which is not earth-shattering, but at this price point, it more than does the trick if you are taking advantage of its all-in-one capability.

I plugged it into my laptop, and then from the tethered device, I was able to plug in multiple other electronics that I wanted to power up simultaneously. It is not meant to replace a full charge from a wall outlet, but instead it gets you to 50 percent in a half hour, which is more than enough if you are in a bind and need a quick charge.

Personally, I find this especially valuable when on an airplane or in an area with limited power outlets. If I had a nickel for every time I have been on an airplane and needed more juice yet that particular aircraft did not offer it.

USB-C AdapterIt’s more than just a power bank though

You can do a lot more than just power up your devices with this adapter hub though. It features 4k HDMI video output and 5GB of bandwidth for high-speed bandwidth using its dual USB ports for the most multimedia-savvy of users. While I did not test it out because I don’t use my work devices to watch movies, Mobile Edge says that you can transfer a full high definition movie between devices in just a few seconds.

One unique benefit that is worth trying out is that you can connect movies or music from connected devices (via this adapter) to TVs. That can come in handy for frequent travelers, especially when staying in hotels that have the capability to connect to personal devices or stream content.

I especially like how lightweight this aluminum device is, which makes it easy to slip into a pocket or carry-on bag. Even better, it works as a portable office (especially for those not working in their normal, uber-connected work spaces) because it brings ample and convenient connectivity to your kitchen or dining room table or even the living room sofa. The only downside I found with it is that the length of the cable is just one foot making it a bit tricky to connect other devices to it in less-traditional, non-desk setups. I wish there were an extension cable to this adapter!

Among the many compatible devices that this adapter works are MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac/iMac Pro, iPad Pro 2019, Google Chromebook Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S10/10+, S9/9+, Note9, Note8, and Huawei P30. This is just a short list as any device with a USB-C adapter hub would work.

One caveat that the manufacturer provides is that it is not recommended for especially large data transfers like Apple SuperDrive since it can interfere with the data connection and lead to corruption in file transfers. That should only be an issue if you are moving large amounts of data at a time.

The Mobile Edge All-in-One USB-C Adapter Hub retails for just under $60 from the Mobile Edge website and makes a great stocking stuffer or holiday gift for the on-the-go traveler.

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