This backpack is great for travelers, but it was specifically designed for those that like to travel with gaming equipment such as Nintendo Switch or Xbox One. Since I know lots of young travelers that do just that, it was the perfect backpack to try out on a recent trip.

The Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack with Velcro Panel had just the amount of space needed to carry gaming devices as well as everything else you might need for a carry-on bag when traveling.

What makes it so special?

What makes the bag most useful is that it comes with wiring for a power bank. This also makes it great for business travelers that need to power things while wearing the backpack thanks to a USB port. Overseas, the backpack often triggered some extra interest from airport security, but once they realized it was a built-in charger, it was not a problem. It even says on the bag itself that it is checkpoint friendly.

Inside the bag, three large storage compartments provide ample space, and smaller pockets work for holding cables and charging devices to keep things organized.

The bag was not as lightweight as other backpacks when empty. But, given the interior storage spaces and the design for gaming equipment, it seems important. The bag also keeps laptops as large as 17 inches safe in a compact compartment and separate from gaming equipment. Pockets for other things like a tablet or headphones are available.

Since the divider in between some pockets is adjustable, it can be used for items of different sizes. I appreciated that extra flexibility. There is a front pocket that can be used for smaller items like travel documents, keys, coins, and a wallet.

I found that it was an acceptable size for carry-on bags on flights as it fit into most airline’s sizing boxes. It also fits easily into airline overhead compartments (even on regional jets) or underneath the seat in front of you.

The Velcro component of this bag is especially creative. You can add decorative patches, which is popular among gamers, but also for everyone else. Express your creativity or even advertise your business that way!

How does it feel?

I really liked that it had padded support on the back so it was not awkward or uncomfortable to carry. Many backpacks can make you feel especially hot or sweaty if there is too much friction when walking. The cushioned support of this backpack did not. The padded mesh shoulder straps were also comfortable and especially breathable.

The durable nylon was soft, but sturdy, and the bag holds up well even when walking in light rain given the protective material and numerous zippered pockets.

If you choose not to wear it on your back and instead carry it by hand, the top handle is comfortable to your hand even when the bag is heavy or full. Even when I put two bottles of water on either side of the bag’s pouches, the bag was never too bulky or awkward to carry.

I loved the easily accessible USB port that was on the exterior of the bag. It made it simple to run a quick charge of devices even when on the go. The bag is not overly expensive, and it holds plenty of gear for a road trip.

The ample space inside this bag for gaming equipment, business traveler electronics, and things like toiletries and clothes make this bag quite versatile for families in different instances. The Mobile Edge Core Gaming Backpack with Velcro Panel retails for $130 and is a great gift for those that like to travel with expensive equipment they want to keep safe.

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