Do you feel limited in your beverage options when you go camping, picnicking, or renting a vacation house? Not all travel situations are great for mixing cocktails, but when you can bring along the right tools (instead of getting disappointed when you check those rental home cabinets and find absolutely nothing), it’s easy to mix your favorite cocktails wherever you are.


Tuck the Miir Complete Cocktail Kit into your bag the next time you hit the road, and you’re ready to make cool, refreshing beverages when you get where you’re going. Who knows—you may like it so much that you also use it at home.


After a few vacation excursions where my family rented a house, I realized that this kit was helpful. Some homes are fully stocked with kitchen needs, but everyone’s definition of “fully stocked” isn’t the same.


Included in the kit are a cocktail shaker set (Miir’s 20-ounce tumbler paired with a lid, strainer, and a press-fit slide lid), a barware set (with a bar spoon, muddler, strainer, and double-sided jigger), two 10-ounce lowball cups with press-fit slide lids, and two 14-ounce highball cups with press-fit slide lids.


Maybe you’ll use the kit for beachside picnics, or perhaps late nights around the campfire. You may just keep it for those house-rental occasions or the family cabin. But when you have it, you won’t feel limited any longer and can choose whatever libation you want, as long as you have the ingredients at hand.


It’s best to wash the kit before use, and while hand washing is recommended, I have tossed the cups and shaker in the dishwasher on occasion. The bar tools and lids are all top-rack dishwasher safe. Freezing, microwaving, or bleaching is not recommended.


The Complete Cocktail Kit comes in black and lists for $125 (on sale) on the Miir site.