News of climate change is all around, and many consumer goods companies are making their own changes to minimize their inherent impact on the planet. An excellent recent example of a new offering by an existing brand is the MiiR Climate+ line, which consists of a 12-ounce tumbler, 16-ounce tumbler, and 20-ounce wide-mouth bottle.


The Climate+ line is an example of MiiR’s commitment to give more and take less—changing how business operates, from sourcing to design and quality of life. Like other MiiR products, the Climate+ items are made of BPA-free ultralight 18/8 stainless steel, but the Climate+ line utilizes 25 percent less stainless steel. All plastic sourced for the tumbler and bottle lids is food-safe and 100 percent recycled and recyclable, and no new plastics are used. All those changes have been made while maintaining double-wall vacuum insulation.


The Climate+ items also have a carbon footprint offset of 110 percent. In 2021, MiiR developed a company-specific action plan to help the brand drive down emissions across its entire supply chain. With the guidance of Climate Neutral, the Outdoor Industry Alliance, and the Science-Based Targets Initiative, MiiR has calculated its footprint and has set targets in line with the Paris Agreements 1.5d Celsius threshold target.


The silver color in this line has a “fingerprint-resistant” satin finish (meaning less smudges) and the black color has a durable Hardshell powder coat, which I’ve found is a little more grippy when you have wet hands.


Tumbler lids have a slide open/close tab that doesn’t lock and is easily opened by your thumb of finger for one-handed drinking.


The Climate+ Tumbler comes in silver and black colors in both 12-ounce ($24.95) and 16-ounce ($29.95) sizes, and the Climate+ 20-ounce Wide-Mouth Bottle comes in those same colors and lists for $39.95—all on the MiiR site.