Designed to Encourage Responsible Recycling, Customers Will Earn a $20 Online Store Credit When Utilizing MiiR’s Re:Claimed Takeback Program 
SEATTLE, WA (Sept. 20, 2023) – Today, MiiR, premium lifestyle brand and makers of design-forward and generosity-driven reusable drinkware, is thrilled to announce a new product takeback program – Re:Claimed Takeback. Designed to encourage responsible recycling, and since stainless steel isn’t curbside recyclable, MiiR’s Re:Claimed Takeback program accepts stainless steel MiiR products (stickers, dents, and all) and their lids that fit in a takeback mailer. The brand will responsibly process the products through US recycling facilities not made available curbside, keeping the materials in play and MiiR goods out of the landfill. Through their Carbon Neutral certification, MiiR will offset 100% of the carbon associated with receiving and processing every takeback kit, and customers are reimbursed with a $20 store credit to There is a $5 cost to acquire the takeback mailer.
“Since day one, MiiR has prioritized supporting people and stewardship of the planet,” notes Bryan Papé, founder of MiiR. “We also look at the responsibility to take ownership of the goods we manufacture and use as a partnership with our customers, which is why we’ve heavily invested in this end-of-life solution for MiiR products. We are more than willing to pay the price to keep our products out of the landfill, and look forward to our customers joining us on this journey.”
MiiR’s Re:Claimed program started in 2022 with the goal to keep MiiR products in circulation as long as possible. The first phase of the program took never-before-used but misprinted drinkware and reimagined them with exclusive new designs, giving the products a second life and customers access to limited, exclusive designs. Phase two of the program, which launched today, is taking product responsibility one step further with this new takeback program.
Link to Re:Claimed Takeback Program here.
Video on the program here.
About MiiR
Seattle-based MiiR is a premium lifestyle brand with a social and environmental mission. Independently owned and operated, they prioritize supporting people and stewarding the planet. MiiR is a B Corporation, 1% For The Planet member, Certified Climate Neutral, and a Certified Evergreen company. All MiiR products contain a unique Give Code™ found on the base of their MiiR product, allowing customers the power to connect with the company’s transparent giving initiatives. As of 2023, MiiR has given over $4 million to 175 organizations working across 4 continents toward social and environmental change.

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