Our house is fueled with caffeine thanks to careers and schools that require early mornings. For one week my husband and I agreed to switch from our usual coffee routine to Alpine Start’s line of With Benefits to see how the addition of adaptogens, MCTs, and Nootropics would benefit us.

Produced in incredibly convenient single-serving packets, the Coffee with Benefits line makes it easy to use in the morning at home or on the go. The packets are easily dissolved in hot water without the clumps and residue at the bottom of your cup. There are three flavors in the newest line from Alpin Start: Latte with Benefits, Oat Milk with Benefits, and Matcha with Benefits.

Latte with Benefits

This Mexican instant coffee and non-dairy creamer is enhanced with organic lion’s mane, reishi mushrooms, MCTs, and essential vitamins like A and D.

This is a smooth-drinking instant coffee! We were both pleasantly surprised by the taste- especially Chris as he turned his nose up to anything with mushrooms in it. I loved the easy-to-transport packaging for work. Hospital coffee is not known for its taste profile so it was a pleasant surprise to have a great cup of coffee before we headed into our first surgery.


Matcha with Benefits

Matcha is a true love of mine. I love the earthy flavor, vibrant green color, and even the energy it gives me. Alpine Start has created its Matcha with the benefits of Lion’s Mane, reishi mushrooms, vitamins A and D, and MCTs from coconut for additional immunity and increased daily focus. The caffeine content for the Matcha with Benefits is a moderate 110mg per serving.

The single servings will be great for travel and camping as I am the only one in the house who appreciates the flavor of matcha and bringing a large bag for one person is usually vetoed. I have also found that these work great in my morning smoothies.

Oat Milk with Benefits

Interested in a dairy-free and vegan milk option that provides the same benefits of mental clarity, vitamins A& D and increased immunity? Oat Milk with Benefits from Alpine Start will become your go-to then. Packed with the same powerful adaptogens and nootropics and formulated to enhance cognitive function and overall well-being.

Recently, I brought these along on a quick trip to Mexico. They packed into my suitcase with ease- no TSA issues and with the provided kettle in the hotel room, they were easy to make in the morning before we conquered the incredibly difficult task of finding a cabana on the beach.

After the week of continuous use, I can say that I feel more even in my focus throughout the day and don’t experience the caffeine spike and crash no am I as dependent on that second cup early in the afternoon.

I would recommend these to the traveler, the essential worker, college student, busy parent and desk jockey. The convenience and smooth texture of all three offerings from Alpine Start make them a home run. Not ready to commit to a full box? You can find these at your local REI or you can order a “With Benefits! Try 3 for $5” off their website. There is free shipping for any orders over $35 and at the time of this review, the boxes of Matcha and Latte are on sale. Individual flavor boxes retail for $15.99.

Safe Travels!


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