Born out of the need for an easier-to-button shirt, this short sleeve shirt from MagnaReady is something that will certainly provide convenience and comfort to many travelers. Instead of buttons, the MagnaReady Birdseye Knit Short Sleeve Polo has magnetic closures making it easier to close for those with arthritis, Parkinson’s, or other ailments.

It looks and feels just like any other soft polo shirt and is crafted from pima cotton and a micro-poly knit material. Its classic fit is meant to fit many body types. There are many designs including long sleeve, short sleeve, and more formal button down shirts.

The cool thing about the shirt is that it looks just like any other shirt with a magnetic placket that runs down the front of it and traditional button down top. The magnetic portion closes together sturdily and looks more like a design feature than anything else. I especially liked the range of colors and designs that the shirts come in plus the option to tuck them in or not.

For the long sleeve shirt, there is the option to leave the top section of the magnetic closure open giving it more casual flair, and there is a real button there to make the shirt look like any other in your wardrobe.

Developed by an entrepreneurial couple looking to solve dexterity problems due to health issues, this ingenious product is bound to help many people get dressed each day. The MagnaReady Short Sleeve Polo with magnetic closures retails for $50 on the MagnaReady website or other online retailers.

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