Want to add ambiance and cheer to your campsite game, and provide needed illumination at the same time? AND not burn through batteries? We’ve loved Luci lights for a long time, and they only get more practical and versatile. This summer, I’ve been checking out the new Luci Solar String Lights, which are $45 for an 18-foot cord, and the Luci Outdoor Lanterns, which are just $25. Both provide a simple lighting solution for any outdoor space.

The Outdoor Lanterns are basic in the sense that they work well every time, every night. We charge them during the day simply by tossing them out onto a picnic table or on the hood of the car, and by nightfall, they’re ready for a full 24 hours of illumination. This means that should we have cloud cover or rain the next day, we’re still good to go for another evening of light. These lanterns can hang from the ceiling of tents, be set out on tables for game night, or can be attached to camp kitchens. I’ve even seen them attached to PFDs as kayakers make their way down river.

The 2.0 lantern offers 75 lumens of cool white LED, and has an adjustable base strap. I love their simplicity, but feel free to browse the MPOWERD website to see all the variations offered, including color lanterns, ‘candle’ lanterns that offer softer light, and pro lanterns that include USB charging capabilities.

The Solar String Lights won my heart because I’ve long loved string lights, but got sick and tired of going through batteries. You get an 18 foot cord in an expandable unit, with a nice storage case that ensures you won’t get your lights all tangled up. The lights give off 100 lumens, and you can get 20 hours on a single charge. Either recharge via the solar panel on the case, or charge more quickly via USB.

With either option, your campsite or backyard will now by dialed!

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