Based on LOWA’s classic mountain trecking book the Lowa Wendelstein Warm GTX is updated for everyday use.  They have the fantastic VIBRAM outsole and GORE-TEX panda lining for warmth.   The upper is made from leather for toughness and flexibility.  The soles have an aggressive 4mm lug that gives it decent hiking performance and the VIBRAM outsoles work in wet, dry and even frozen conditions.
I made the Wendelstein my daily shoe for the past month and fell in love with them.  It took a few days to break and as the treated leather started to weather the shoe looked better and better.  I love shoes that can really serve multiple purposes for winder travel.  As airlines continue to shrink our carry on space it’s not practical to bring multiple shoes in the winter.  The Wendelsteins not only look great with everything short of dress slacks and can handle anything from a treck across town to plowing through snowbanks to get to my Uber pickup.
I love wearing these boots, they are incredibly comfortable, functional and true to their name Warm!  On a trip to the Midwest I got caught in a late spring cold snap, I didn’t have the right coat and nearly froze trying to get to my rental car but at least my feet were warm.  I even managed to step in a pool of slush and the waterproof upper kept me from ending up with ice blocks for feet.
When I am home I like to take my dog on a Saturday hike in the hills behind my house that climbs about 1,000 feet and has a nice variety of terrain.  We had our first light snowfall and the Warm GTX performed wonderfully.  My feet stayed nice and warm and the VIBRAM soles kept their traction even when I had to do a short scramble up some rocks to get a quick photo.
I couldn’t recommend the Wendelsteins GTX Warm enough, if you want a versatile,high performance boot that looks fantastic they are well worth checking out.

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