Frequent travelers know how important having access to a private airport lounge can be especially during a flight delay. Many credit cards now come with lounge access perks either through Priority Pass or airline memberships directly. Lounge Buddy is a free app that has the most comprehensive directory of airline lounges that I have found anywhere.

One of my favorite features of the app is that it works even when your phone is in flight mode or you don’t have a cell signal. You can search by airport to find which lounge are available, the offerings they have inside, photos uploaded by users, and opening hours.

In the settings feature of the app, you can include the airline lounge memberships, elite status details, and credit cards that you have, and the app will display the lounges that you have free access to on your travels.

There is also the option to purchase day passes to the lounge, often cheaper than what you can find at the airport itself, via the app. Prices start at $25, which is incredibly cheap considering the type of food and drinks that many lounges offer.

People with the app can leave feedback on their favorite lounges and read comments left behind by other users. I find that to be incredibly helpful in airports where there are multiple lounges to choose from because it serves as a guide for which one I should use.

There are also several guides on the Lounge Buddy website that provide details on various airline lounge networks, what they offer, and their membership costs. When people ask me what some of my favorite travel apps are, this is always one of the first ones that I mention as it is a handy guide for frequent travelers.

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