Light Box Arts Decor

While this is not necessarily travel gear, I was especially interested in the Light Box Arts Decor because you can actually design your own. These make great gifts, and they can also be a fun way to commemorate one of your favorite trips.

There are a wide variety of designs that come in various categories (my favorite is the travel section). The light box is a fun way to jazz up your interior decor with something quite unique. Colorful patterns front a square-shaped box, which contains a lamp that when switched on, illuminates the artwork.

Light Box Arts Decor

The self-designed options allow you to decide on the box frame type and color; then you can create the perfect design or theme for you.

Some people may even find them clever to use for holidays as decoration or for special events like parties and weddings.

Mine is actually the Travel does the heart good quote, which my friends thing is quite fitting.

I can see businesses using these to highlight various products or services, and stores can designate various areas with unique designs.

The muted light from the box is not meant to replace an overhead light, but it is soft enough to be able to read a book or romantically illuminate a space.

These clever gifts are not expensive and retail for $25 on the Light Box website.

One thing to note is that if you travel with them as gifts, security might do a double take and scan them an extra time (as happened with me), but they are completely allowable to carry on board. Your friends and family will find this to be a quite special gift if you pick one that captures their own personal taste and interests.


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