Lifesaver Liberty has developed the world’s FIRST and ONLY portable water purifier and inline pump filter combined and it comes to you, and with you, disguised as a water bottle.

The Liberty Lifesaver is lightweight, coming in at an easy to carry 0.425kg. This makes it ideal to pack into your backpack, carry on or day hiker.

For our family, hydration is key! We all carry our own water supply in our bags or waist packs. However, we are all what I consider to be camels. We go through water faster than any family I know.

Frequently, this leads to dehydration problems on the trail as there are very few spots to collect fresh, safe drinking water. That’s where Lifesaver Liberty comes in like a knight in shining armor to save the day.

LifeSaver Liberty Bottle

What is in the box?

  • LifeSaver Liberty Bottle with a 2,000L filter, BPA-Free
  • Carbon Disc and Scavenger Hose
  • Carbon Discs (3)
  • Protective Sleeve

We have tried competing brands and found that it was difficult for not only our children, but ourselves to drink from their straws. The Lifesaver Liberty has an ingenious water collection system and dummy proof water spout.

How Does It Work?

With the bottle only, close the lid, unscrew the base, and scoop water into the bottle. Screw the base back onto the bottle and pump it twice. This will push the unclean water through the cartridge. The cartridge is guaranteed to remove 99.99% of viruses, bacteria and cysts from your water. Carbon disc are in place to remove chlorine, unwanted tastes and possible odors.

Once you have pumped the water twice, you can immediately begin drinking it from the bottle. The top is that of a normal sports bottle and allows for adequate flow. 1.2L/min to be exact.

This filter will provide you with 508 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water. Enough for a family of camels, for sure!

What if the water source is low, extra disgusting or infested with snakes? The Lifesaver Liberty bottle comes with a 5ft. Scavenger hose. The hose attaches to the base of the bottle through its own connection point. From there you can drop the hose into the water source, turn the value at the top of the Lifesaver Liberty bottle lid and pump fresh water out.

If you need to fill not only the water bottle but your bladders up as well, you can use the hydration bladder attachment and pump water straight into the bladder.

This system ensures that you are not cross contaminating and can stay happy and healthy while enjoying the outdoors or completing your bucket list ascend!

FailSafe Technology

Lifesaver Liberty has you covered when it comes to clean water, as we have discussed but the feature I really appreciate as a busy mom and wannabe Everest summiteer, is the FailSafe technology in place. I don’t keep track of the liters of water I use in my water filtration, do you? If you do, my hat’s off to you!

The FailSafe is for the rest of us, like me, who just can’t or don’t. Once the membranes of the Lifesaver Liberty cartridge are blocked with viruses, bacteria and cysts, the system will not allow any water through. You are simply locked out. Replacement Lifesaver Liberty cartridges are only $39.99 and that’s a whole lot cheaper than a hospital stay for dysentery. Am I right, friends?

Once you are past the Lifesaver Liberty’s amazing ability to purify your water, you will notice the carabiner hook on top for easy attachment and the protective sleeve it comes with. Peek-a-boo windows will allow you to see the level of your water.

We have begun to carry this in our car as well for longer car rides. As we all know, there isn’t always a quick stop convenience store around the corner and we are very conscience of our plastic use. Why pollute the world with more plastic when you can simply drop a line, pump twice and get your hydration on?

Jerrycan LifeSaver

LifeSaver has a great video that is worth the watch. It covers even more than I have about the ability to pump water into additional bottles or the Jerrycans they have. Jerrycan comes on two sizes and if I could fit them into my backpack with ease, I would just take one of them along for the family of camels.

The Lifesaver Liberty is available in a starter pack and all the items listed plus additional ones can be picked up for under $40. The Lifesaver Liberty comes in 5 colorways, Black, Blue, Orange, Metallic Rose Gold, Metallic Silver, so each person of your family can have their own.

The Lifesaver Liberty bottle retails for $99.99 and the Starter Pack for $119.99, saving you about 15%. It is also available on Amazon. It is available with Prime shipping.

We recommend the Liberty bottle for any and all travelers, the college student who drives back and forth from distant schools and families, of course!

Safe Travels!