I am on a quest to visit every country in the world. With that lofty goal comes the need to visit some third-world and developing countries.

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While I am not sleeping in tents or on the street, there is still the concern of bacteria in running water that can certainly derail a long trip unnecessarily.

This bottle could also come in handy for those that are backpacking or hiking in the woods. The bottle is a bit heavy for someone that travels only with a carry-on bag, but I did lug it around on a recent trip.

It proved very useful as there is not always the opportunity to grab a bottle of water.

I used tap water and filtered it through this bottle. It came in handy for brushing teeth and drinking water when I wasn’t able to grab a bottle.

All it takes to filter the water is to fill the bottle and then pump it so that it passes through the filters. It includes a cartridge that does all the heavy lifting, and Lifesaver says that it has fail-safe technology.

This means that when it stops filtering the water properly, it will become obvious because it requires a greater number of pumps to process the filtration.

The filter removes bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other waterborne pathogens. If you have used tablets or other filters, you might remember a chemical taste to the filtered water.

But, Lifesaver does not leave behind an aftertaste in the liquid, which is a huge plus (and perhaps why the bottle retails for $150). This is heavy-duty stuff; in fact, it is the only portable technology to filter down to such a minute level.

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There’s even a strap so that you can sling it over your shoulder on the go. From outdoorsmen to travel to less-developed places, this could be, literally, a lifesaver. It is available on the Lifesaver website or on Amazon.

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