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LifeProof iPad blog reviewI’ve reviewed the LifeProof iPhone case before, and at that time, it was available for the 4 and 4S models. A newer version is out for the iPhone 5, which I’ve tested and it’s just as good. But let’s go a little bigger and take a look at the LifeProof iPad case.

Because the iPad case doesn’t include the thin screen protector that exists in the iPhone case, LifeProof is calling this one nüüd. Cute, but let’s look at the practicality. Because built-in screen protectors degrade the visual clarity of your device, as well as cause a bit of issue with the speed and ability to touch/click those apps, the lack of a screen protector with this product is nearly like using your iPad without a case.

But the case really does protect your iPad. It’s waterproof to 6.6 feet (2 meters), dirt- and snow-proof (sealed to IP-68 standards to keep dirt, dust, snow and ice out), and it’s shockproof to military drop survivability specs of 4 feet (1.2 meters). Even though it may seem light in terms of protection without that screen cover, it’s a pretty beefy case.

The case doesn’t get in the way of access to all the ports and buttons of the iPad. There’s a headphone jack that allows you to plug in when you want, but also seals up tight against water and dirt. And the sound itself isn’t compromised. The case channels the sound through the case cavity, making it richer and less tinny than other cases I’ve tried.

The case is available for iPad Gen 2, 3 and 4 and lists for $129.99 on the LifeProof site, in white or black. It’s also available on Amazon for the same price.

LifeProof also makes a variety of accessories. I regularly use the armband and lifejacket for my iPhone 5. If you’re regularly around water (whether in a boat, kayak and stand-up paddleboard), I’d recommend the lifejacket for your iPad case. It’s one thing for your iPad to be waterproof, but it’ll still sink if you don’t have a way to keep it afloat.


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