LifeProof FRE Power Case | Practical Travel Gear

LifeProof FRE PowerEveryone gets a bit attached to his or her favorite phone case. After all, if you use your phone as much as the average person, you want a case that works for you—whether your needs are stylish or functional.

Once of my favorite cases for my iPhone is LifeProof. The brand is part of the OtterBox company, and both make great cases for smartphones. The main reason I like LifeProof better is that my phone gets the same rugged protection, but in a slimmer case. And when I’m constantly lugging that phone around, whether in a bag or in my pocket, a streamlined case is something I value.

The new LifeProof FRE Power case keeps that streamlined look, the protection from the elements, and now adds an integrated battery charger that allows your phone to get two times the battery life. All packed into an iPhone 6 case.

The case is able to be submersed in water up to 2 meters for one hour, survives dust and dirt (and sand), blocks snow and ice, and survived drops from 2 meters. If you’re an adventurous traveler, these qualities are key in not needing to worry about your phone while you’re on the trail, out on the water, on the road, or hitting the slopes.

And when you’re traveling, you’re not always within reach of an electrical outlet when your phone battery runs low. With the LifeProof FRE Power case, just flip the switch, and your phone gets a jolt of electricity that keeps it going for a while longer. The Auto-Stop Charge feature halts the charging process once your phone reached 100 percent.

An optical glass lens and Sound Enhancement System keeps the sound quality high and keeps photos top quality without the case getting in the way. The built-in scratch protector may annoy those of you who need to have your fingers touch the glass of your phone directly, but it’s a quick thing to get over when you have all that protection.

LifeProof makes a whole host of optional accessories, so you can keep the case on your phone, no matter where you go. There’s an armband for runners, a bike + bar mount for riders, a suction mount for drivers (and paddlers), and a belt clip for office folks.

The LifeProof FRE Power case for iPhone 6 comes in black, blue and white/gray, and lists for $129.99 on the LifeProof site. It’s also available at Amazon.