Have you also felt the surge of outdoor explorers in the these past 18 months? We have seen a noticeable increase in families, pets, gear and activities in our home of Boise, Idaho. We are also part of the problem and have been using the time we’ve been given to explore more and trying to be present with our kids in the moments we aren’t required to be in front of a screen.

From adding to our hydrophilic watercrafts and trying to teach the dog that, as a Labrador, he shouldn’t be afraid of the water to running and walking more with him. We are on the go and really learning what gear we like and Marie Kondo-ing the rest.

Our Family’s Goal: Keep gear that is minimal, multitasks and can be used by all of us.

One piece that we just can’t get rid of is the LifeHandle Sling and All-Purpose Handle. From walking with our kids over rocky terrain to ensuring I have both hands available to me while running with Odie, this sling checks the multitasker box on our gear goal. Our 12 year old can use the sling because of the adjustable length and take the dog on a walk, chew gum and text on his phone without worrying about face planting because he tripped over the leash.

One of my favorite uses is the ability to attach my 10’6″ SUP board and being able to carry it hands free while assisting the kids or carrying our small river cooler. If I am not in charge of a board, the sling is quickly adjustable to the husband and he can then carry the board without missing a beat using the All-purpose handle.

The sling can be hung from either the right or left side of the body and works by engaging the core of the user to utilize your body’s own lift system so gear and children seem lighter than air.

Accessories for the Sling are the All-Purpose Handle (we prefer the silicone handle) and the Hands Free Comfort Leash. You can bundle the accessories anyway you want but we highly suggest the Ultimate Leash Bundle for full use of the Sling.

All-purpose handle:

  • Easily hold, lift, or carry things up to 50 pounds.
  • For things you can hold in your arms, simply wrap one arm around whatever you’re carrying and then grab the handle using that same arm. This works great for carrying kids or gear while you’re on-the-go, around the house, or doing outdoor activities.
  • For things that are difficult to lift, put a hand through the neoprene loop at the end of the handle and let the sling distribute the force while picking up the item. This works well for things such as lifting heavy packages, shoveling, or doing other kinds of work.
  • For things that are hard to hold in your arms, the handle can be used like a hook by clipping the neoprene loop into the carabiner at the end of the handle. This works well for carrying gear that has something to hook onto, such as coolers, bikes, or inflatable SUPs.

Hands-Free Comfort Leash:

  • A perfect fit for any outdoor activity – the loop handle on the leash also serves as a shock absorber designed to handle around 25 pounds of pull force. That’s just enough to help brace a small dog, while also standing up to the yank of a larger dog who just saw a squirrel.
  • We know hands-free isn’t always an option. That’s why there are two thoughtfully placed loop handles – one nearest the sling, and one at the midway point of the leash. Unlike other leashes, there’s no need to wrap the leash around your wrist or grab the dog by the collar in tight situations.
  • Detachable leash with built-in carabiner makes it easy to remove the leash from the sling and quickly secure your dog wherever is most convenient. Unlike other leashes, you don’t need to unclip the leash from the collar.

We suggest the LifeHandle for the parents on the go, the college outdoor enthusiast and the dog lover. The Ultimate Leash Bundle is currently on sale for $75 on the LifeHandle Website. There’s even a clip on drink holder for under $13.

The All-purpose handle and comfort leash are easily packed away in your pack’s stash pocket or stored in your jacket pocket until you need it!

Heck, it’s also going to look great in a stocking and a gift bag as that present that will impress everyone.


Safe Travels!



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