Lems Trailhead- Women All Terrain Show

The Lems Trailhead shoe was created for the adventurer who needs one shoe that can show up and dominate the terrain. Preach! Trailhead shoes can handle the hiking/running trails and are comfortable enough to wear around town. Just as a plant based diet is good for the body, the Trailhead shoes are Vegan friendly and healthier for the environment.

I tested the Women’s Trailhead and immediately took them out to the Pumpkin Patch in our home town. What better terrain to test not only comfort and stability but my patience as well! Uneven ground, stairs and slippery straw awaited us at The Farmstead.

A yearly tradition, the Trailhead by Lems couldn’t fail me. Thankfully, they didn’t. The rubber outsole of the Trailhead chewed through the rough and muddy pumpkin patch with ease. We had just experienced a Fall rainstorm so the mud was extra gooey and fresh.

We have one standing “Orange Rule” about the pumpkin patch: you must be able to pack your own pumpkin out. Although we stick to the “Orange Rule” it doesn’t mean that we won’t be schlepping out a small child AND their pumpkin. For the 300 yard walk back into the main area of the pumpkin patch, the Trailhead didn’t fail. I felt stable within the shoe throughout the whole ordeal.

3 hours later, we had watched the fireworks, shot apples out of cannons, picked out the perfect pumpkins and ran through the Haunted Lizard. My feet were not tired and the Lems were still as comfortable as they were at the beginning of the night. #Winning!

The Trailhead from Lems are the second of the brand that I have tested. I love the boulder boot for minimalist packing and short hikes. However, as much as I love those Boulder Boots, they are not for running in or for more technical outings.

The Construction

The Trailhead shoes only have a 4mm drop in the sole- as close as a one can get to a 0 drop and still have stability and cushion. A removable insole is in the Trailhead and the shoe is designed to wear without or with. The laces provided are ample in size and do not slip or loosen when tied.

The Trailhead has decent flexibility for steep terrain and a narrower footbed than the Boulder Boot. The Trailhead is also gender specific with the women’s shoe being narrower than the men’s.

  • UPPER:Microfiber and air mesh
  • TRAIL-TO-TOWN OUTSOLE: Full length rubber specifically engineered for both trail and pavement
  • LAST: Lems Natural-Shaped last
  • ROCK PLATE: 2mm trail plate
  • FOOTBED: 5mm breathable molded PU
  • DROP: 0mm
  • SOLE THICKNESS: 17mm/21mm
  • WEIGHT: 7 oz. (Men’s 10) / 9.5 oz. (Women’s 9)

The Look

All the technical aspects aside, the colorways are fantastic! Deep earthy tones are combined on all the shoes for a handsome look. The speckled sole helps to hide dirt and grime leaving the shoes looking new day to day. An added benefit when using them as your main shoe.

Pair these with your favorite pair of Boulder Denim and you have a classic look that is packed full of comfort.

Final Thoughts

Lems makes some of our favorite shoes and after testing The Primal, Boulder Boots and the new Trailhead we can safely and earnestly recommend them to you. Our Lems shoes have been traveled in, ran in, packed and tested out by two parents of very energetic boys. My favorite of their line up for traveling is hands down the Trailhead.

You can find Tralhead and the rest of the Lems line up on their website. They retail for $130. Interested in picking up more than one pair? Check out our other Lems reviews HERE.

Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.