Lems Trailhead Review

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a hike in the wrong shoes and ended up paying for it through a series of blisters on my feet. That’s why I would recommend getting a lightweight hiking shoe that won’t trip you up on rough terrain. The developers behind Lems hiking shoe sent me the Trailhead design, so I decided to see how it measured against the brands I’ve tried before.

About Lems
Lems released their first product in 2011 and it wound up being a huge success. The founder of Lems, Andrew Rademacher, wanted to start making shoes that fit a foot’s natural shape. This may sound obvious, but I can tell you some horror stories about some of the clunkers I’ve used when hiking. When creating an all-terrain shoe, a lot of companies focus on making something durable, with a lot of added padding. This sounds good, but it makes it difficult when you actually have to walk in them. Rademacher’s brand stands out because it focuses on comfort without adding a mess of unnecessary materials. That being said, I was excited to try this brand and see if they lived up to their promise.

Product Highlights
The main selling point for the Trailhead shoe was that it had a very minimalist design. This lightweight hiking shoe is ideal because it was designed for trails or trips into town. This is one feature I personally appreciated about the Trailhead because I’m not always in the right place to do a quick change. If you look up any Lems Trailhead Review, you’ll see that the wearer praises the design and comfort. The shoe is built out of microfiber and air mesh, allowing your foot to breathe, and the Rockplate built under the Rubber Outsole provides just the right amount of padding. In addition to this, here’s a list of product features from the site that are an added bonus:

  • The Eva Midsole provides great cushion
  • The collar foam prevents uncomfortable rubbing around the ankles
  • All of the products used in crafting this shoe are vegan-friendly

Overall, the features advertised in this product demonstrated a shoe of exceptional quality. It was finally time for me to test it for myself!

Trying the Trailhead
First off, let me start by saying that I’m a guy with a pretty wide foot. A big problem I have when trying a new shoe on is that the foot will fit lengthwise, but my big and little toes typically don’t have a lot of breathing room. Thanks to the wide design of the footbed, I got to enjoy a lot more comfort in my shoe than I’m used to, and that was a great surprise. I also really appreciated the flexibility of the shoe-the front and sides of the material were able to bend without any cracking or chipping. I received the Trailhead in Sequoia, which was not my ideal color(I personally liked the Redwood,} but still a very toned down palette that paired well with other apparel. When I finally got out on the trail, the rock plate on the bottom was put to work. I felt little to no discomfort, even when I stepped on larger pebbles and brush during my hike. This was honestly one of the most comfortable walks I had been on, and I even got a compliment on the shoes.

I’m not a person that really values appearance or style over functionality. I would prefer to invest in a brand that emphasizes how effective their product is. I can honestly say that the Lems Trailhead Hiking Boots offer the practical specs I want while having a nice style. The shoe stood up to the elements you would typically come into contact with while hiking, and it made for a nice walk on urban terrain as well. I would encourage anyone to purchase these shoes after testing the product.

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