Primal 2

As reviewed by Chris

As summer comes to an end with it goes my favorite rainbow flip flops.  If your looking for a spring shoe that doesn’t feel like your stuffing your feet into sausage casing then you need to pick up a pair of Lem’s Primal 2’s.

Primal 2 has no drop and are a nearly weightless packable shoe. Primal 2 are my new favorite shoe around town and on the road. Let’s start with how they look, I have gotten a bunch of compliments about their distinctive styling. They look great with a pair of jeans or shorts but always with some very low cut socks.

It’s how they feel that is the real story. Frankly it feels like you don’t have anything on your feet, with just enough padding to keep you comfortable. I wore these on trips with my wife to Seattle and San Francisco and my feet never got tired.

It was neat feeling the texture of the cobblestone streets in Pikes Place Fish Market and the walking trails of Golden Gate park.  The wide toe box gives your toes lots of room to splay out, in fact these feel like wearing vibrams without the, well less than fashionable look. They also roll up or squish flat for packing and given they weigh almost nothing they are my go to travel shoe. I get to test a lot of great shoes here at Practical Travel Gear but none come close to these amazing shoes.

You can grab your own pair on their website for $105.

Lems Boulder Boot: Worlds Most Packable Boot

Looking for a lightweight but classic looking shoe to get you from your mild daily hike to the tavern for dinner or happy hour? Lems Shoes has developed the Boulder Boot as your answer.

Boulder Boot Womens

What is on the Outside?

Weighing in at only 9.9 oz, the Lems Boulder Boot is one of the lightest hiking shoes on the market. Lems Boulder Boot utilizes an Injection Blown Rubber “IBR” outsole in the construction. This IBR Outsole is what makes the Boulder Boot so light.

Boulder Boot is made of leather and a 1200 denier nylon on the outside. The classic look of the boot allows you to wear it with a variety of outfits. From sun dresses to jeans, the Boulder Boot will make sure you arrive in style.

What is on the Inside?

Lines in 100% cotton for breathability, the Lems Boulder Boot has a removable PU insole and provides the wearer with a Zero Drop. This allows for your boot to lay even throughout the Boulder Boot. In fact, all Lems shoes are designed with a Zero Drop. The alignment of the spine begins with how you carry yourself. If you are always in heels or a tradition shoe with an average drop of 14-24mm you are causing your body to compensate for your shoes.

The increase in the drop also causes an unnatural heel strike which can lead to foot and hip pain. Not to mention an unstable shoe because your foot has no reading of the ground.

The Toe box in the shoe is most notable with its wide design. To prevent foot deformation, the wide toe box allows for all toes to relax, have their own space and provide you with the most comfortable walking experience.

Flexibility in the Boulder Boot

With the Zero Drop and the wide toes box, it feels more like you are hiking barefoot, than with a boot on. Maybe they should rename them the Boulder Barefoot? To see how the foot allows for a more natural fit, I invite you to stand on a white piece of paper, draw the outline of your foot and then compare it to your other shoes. Does the natural splay of your toes go outside the boundaries of the shoe? Yes? Then you need to consider new shoes. The space your toes and foot take up naturally are why the wide toe box of the Boulder Boot, and all Lems shoes, is so important.


Compactable, stylish and comfortable. The Boulder Boot can pack down to the size of a jacket due to its flexibility. Perfect for easy day hikes and happy hours.

A vegan option is available in the Boulder Boot Black.


This boot is not waterproof and does not provide much protection from you and the trial.

The Boulder Boot retails for $125 on the Lems Website.

Safe Travels!