The German manufacturer, LEDLENSER, was founded by two brothers in their garage in 1994, one of those rags-to-riches stories that we all love.  

Ledlenser is now a major manufacturer of portable lighting products and accessories. Their products include headlamps that are LED-based allowing for brightness and longevity with relatively low energy consumption.

Ledlenser warrants their products for five years and don’t sell replacement bulbs, which should tell you something. The Ledlenser MH6 utilizes an integrated Temperature Control System that continually cools the LED to ensure the maximum lumen output. 

Ledlenser - 200 Lumens, MH6 Headlamp with Rapid Focus System
  • See Everything, Do Anything.
  • Light On Your Head.
  • Darkness Doesn’t Stand A Chance.
  • Life In A New Light.


  • WEIGHT: 3.28 oz | 93 g


  • USB Charger
  • Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

The MH6 is a low- to mid-range headlamp with light output from 20-200 lumens and corresponding battery life 20-5 hours, respectively.  

My demo model has a USB-rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that works just fine.  Another trademark of the LEDLENSER line is a variable-focus lens that allows adjustment from close-up work (reading, cooking) to farther out (night hiking).  

Other features include various lighting modes (bright white, less-bright white, flashing white, red, and flashing red), rapid battery re-charge (4 hours), and water-resistance.

Single-handedly focus, dim, and switch between three light modes (high, low, and blink) and additional red light mode to get the perfect light for every situation.

A travel lock prevents battery drainage and heat build-up in your backpack. Operational temperature range is -20 to 60 C (-4 to 140 F) which should work for most people. My demo model weighs 93 gms including strap. A great weight for long wear. 

I used the LedLenser MH6 on a three-day bike packing trip in Idaho. Although bright, 200 lumens is not sufficient for trail biking or other high-speed activities but it worked fine around camp.  

Battery life is adequate but not as long as some other models on the market. For portable chargers, please review our favorites

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The Ledlenser MH6 was fine for a weekend trip with recharging from a battery pack but may not be sufficient for longer expeditions. The battery life before recharge is 20 hours.

It is water-resistant but not immersion proof. I didn’t find it excessively heavy and, in general, was quite pleased with it.  Minor quibble:  it’s difficult to pry the little battery door open so you can charge it.


 The MH6 is a decent, rugged, affordable headlamp that is suitable for weekend camping but not for long or wet adventures.  It is not sufficiently bright for safe riding at night.


Ledlenser and its extensive line of lights can be purchased via their website or on Amazon.

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Guest writer, James Wolf, M.D.

Dr. James Wolf is a retired general surgeon in Idaho. He enjoys everything the outdoors has to offer and looks forward to many more adventures with his wife and their three children.