When you head out into the cold, you want to bundle up. And we remember that easily when it comes to layering with tops and pants, but tend to forget when it comes to our hands, because moisture management and maintaining the right temperature are just as important.

One of the most versatile options I’ve tested lately is the Terramar Ultra Merino Glove Liner. Whether I’m at home or traveling, adding this item to my glove rotation will give me some great protection.

The mid-weight glove liner is made from a combination of 50% polyester, 35% merino wool, and 15% nylon bi-layer. Nature’s best fiber for odor control and temperature regulation, merino wool is blended here with nylon for an added degree of durability. The bi-layer nylon created an air pocket in between both layers to provide additional insulation.

These gloves are just as good alone as they are when used as liners under more burly gloves like ski gloves. If you’re on a road trip, they are an excellent add to your glove box (used appropriately here!) and useful to have on hand just in case temperatures dip more than you’re expecting them to.

Another good reason for wearing gloves when it’s cool out (aside from keeping you warm) is sun protection. There are so many times that I’ve just tried to badass it without gloves on a sunny day when my hands would get an entire day’s exposure. Sure, you can use sunscreen, but you can also wear gloves.

The Ultra Merino Gloves also have “touch tip technology,” which can be useful when you’re trying to manage your phone screen without taking the gloves off. On top of that, the added grip helps keep your thermos from slipping through your hands.

When you finally have to wash the gloves, toss them in the washer on cold and tumble dry low. All fresh and clean.

The Ultra Merino Glove Liners come in charcoal heather and list for $35 on the Terramar site. They can also be found on Amazon.com.