Wool isn’t only for winter. Known for keeping humans warm during cold-weather activities like skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, and merely existing outdoors, wool also has other properties that make for great travel clothing.

Two pieces that I’ve been using in winter and now, in warmer months, are Duckworth Women’s Vapor Relaxed Tank and Vapor Relaxed Tunnel Hood.

The natural fibers are highly breathable, allowing moisture to wick away from your skin, and they dry quickly. That leaves you comfortable, because you’re not cold and clammy in sweaty clothing, and it also helps when you have to do that on-the-road sink laundry.

And wool clothing doesn’t mean it’s heavy. These two pieces are lightweight and airy, ideal for layering items in colder weather, and wear-alone items when the temperatures climb. I’ve worn mine for skiing in various North American destinations, as well as hiking in the Himalayas, California, New Zealand and Jordan.

The relaxed casual fit of both pieces—tank and hoody—are great for comfort, and they pack incredibly small. That helps when you’re taking along only a carry-on bag, as well as if you just need an extra piece in your day pack, just in case.

All Duckworth wool pieces come from open-range Helle Rambouillet Montana merino sheep in Montana, who live between 5,000 feet and 9,500 feet of elevation. The specific conditions of the Northern Rockies result in a wool with a soft, durable fiber with exceptional loft and breathability.

For those who prefer to know the production process of their clothing, Duckworth carefully manages every step of the process, from selecting fleece in Montana, to production in the Carolinas—keeping everything within the United States.

The Duckworth Women’s Vapor Relaxed Tank comes in midnight, natural, and standard gray, and lists for $55 on the Duckworth site. The Women’s Vapor Tunnel Hood comes in garnet and midnight, and lists for $110 on the Duckworth site.

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