Layer Up in Comfort with Kari Traa Smale Longsleeve and Pant

Baselayers aren’t just for winter. You may need to layer up when camping, hiking, or even working from home during a global pandemic. Well, let’s hope the latter situation will resolve safely very soon. Ultimately, layers are a good thing when temperatures are cool or variable. It’s even better when those baselayers are super soft, because you hardly notice them and may just not want to take them off.

Kari Traa Smale Longsleeve and Pant are great, lightweight layers for top and bottom that are ideal for cooler days in the outdoors or even staying cozy indoors.

Made from 100-percent wool that’s soft and not itchy, the longsleeved shirt and pant have a slim and snug fit, making it easy to layer over the top of them. The wool construction is also breathable and naturally odor resistant, so if you’re wearing them while camping for a number of days or wearing them for outdoor adventures, they’ll keep you dry and not stinky. The flatlock seams have a smooth finish, so there’s less chance of chafing or discomfort.

The combination is also extremely easy to care for. After washing, just air dry. The lightweight top and pant will dry quickly, so you can wear them again without missing them for too long.

I’m usually looking for black or gray colors in clothing, so everything can be worn together when I’m traveling. But I loved the retro stripe design of this combo, and got the brightest colors I could.

The Smale Longsleeve shirt comes in Astro (red and blue stripe) or Gold (gold and white stripe) and lists for $75 on the Kari Traa site. The Smale Pant comes in the same two color options, as well as Graym (gray and white stripe) and also lists for $75 on the Kari Traa site.


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