Travel toiletry and dop kits are a dime a dozen, but they can be pricey. The ones that are not usually do not have decent quality products. The Lather Road Warrior Men’s Survivor Kit is packed with unique products designed for the high-flying man that subjects his skin to dry airplane air.

First off, I really liked the zippered, fabric toiletry bag that this kit comes with. Inside are plenty of TSA-approved products that can be used both in transit and at your destination.

Once I finish the Lather products, I can restock the kit, which is made mostly from recycled materials, with more or include other products that I enjoy.

This kit comes with the Mint Thyme hair wash that I had seen before in hotels, but I really liked the bamboo silk foaming face scrub because it was not too harsh or fragrant. Lather’s products are organic and all-natural, which is always a plus.

After using the face scrub, I applied the shine control face lotion, which was perfect to use in the morning because it does not leave a shiny look like some other lotions might if you put it on before rushing out the door.

I also really liked that it was not very heavy, which is one of my pet peeves with face lotion that can leave your face feeling sticky and warm.

There was also a spearmint lip balm with SPF15 sunscreen and almond shave cream in the kit. This is a great way to sample new products for your skin to use at home and not having to invest in larger quantities until you find something you like.

I wish there were more stores in airports where you could restock this kit. It retails for $48 on the Lather website.

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