LAT_56 Road Warrior Carry-on Eight Wheel Spinner Luggage | Practical Travel Gear
Photo credit, Lat_56

Photo credit, Lat_56

If you thought your four-wheel spinning luggage was great, you haven’t seen anything yet. This high-quality bag from LAT_56 features eight wheels for exceptional durability on any type of surface. Its soft exterior has a rubbery consistency making it ideal for constant wear and tear while also giving it a bit of flexibility when you mistakenly (or purposefully) over pack.

Designers took great care to insure that it fits airline’s carry-on guidelines for size and weight. When empty, the bag is easy to lift and incredibly light for such a strong exterior material. It is crafted with military grade EVA foam and ballistic nylon and features a water-resistant exterior. That is especially important when traveling on a regional jet and bags are stacked up outdoors for long periods of time, including even in the rain.

The interior of the bag is geared for road warriors with both business and leisure needs. It features a waterproof shoe bag that can be removed if needed. Of course, it is important to stay organized with chargers, smaller items like belts and batteries, and other things. Numerous pockets make it easy to do just that.

There are also external pockets that allow easy access to things like boarding passes, keys, cell phones, and even toiletries that you have to grab in a jiffy when passing through security. A separate document pocket on the back of the bag is great for magazines or other thin items that you may want to grab without having to open the entire bag itself.

An extendable handle is sturdy and responds well when the bag is full. The bag is so easy to wheel through the airport as it requires a simple push to get it rolling, and with eight wheels, it has no problem getting good traction rolling over carpet or even bumpy sidewalks.

Such a high quality bag does carry a high price tag of nearly $450 (available on the Lat_56 website), but it comes with a strong warranty guarantee should you need to replace or repair the bag. This is the perfect companion for frequent travelers that need a bag that can carry their necessities without the concern of catching the evil eye of gate agents or security personnel that like to snatch up carry-on bags that they think are too big.