We love dogs and our dogs at Practical Travel Gear love Kurgo. Kurgo’s newest harness has been a blast to test out with our crazy black lab, Odie.

Ideal for day hiking and running, the easy to fit Stash and Dash Harness goes on in two snaps! When not in use, the Stash and Dash folds into its own pouch. The external carabiner allows for the pouch to be attached to packs, a belt loop or you can throw it into your bag for later use. The Stand and Dash is compact so you can bring it with in your carryon, or store in your glove compartment for road trips.

Odie is 57 pounds and wears a large. He is our adventurous lab so the athletic cut allows him to run, swim and hike without causing sores or preventing him from having full range of motion. The outer shell of the harness is quality rip stop so adventures can be had at the lake and through the forest without the fear of the Stash and Dash tearing. The Stash and Dash Harness was simple to fit to Odie. Quick release buckles allow me to put it on and take it off quickly. I appreciate how the chest strap has some elastic built into for flexibility while Odie is on the move.

Against your dog’s coat, the Stash and Dash is lined with a breathable inner mesh. This breathable mesh is comparable to the one on my Gregory day pack. Odie hasn’t had any issues wearing the Stash and Dash and literally spins when I pull it out for his walks. As his human, I love that after a good swim and play date at the beach, I can roll the harness into its pouch to contain all the dirt and water until we get home and I hose it out.

When we are out on our hikes and runs, the stash pocket holds car keys, money, gel packs and treats. The pouch is not waterproof, so take care storing electronics in it. With Odie being a black lab and the Stash and Dash only available in black, it is nice to have the reflective points on the harness for low light hours. The two D-ring attachment points allow me to attach a light for better visibility. Kurgo has such great colors, I was surprised black was our only option (hint, hint @Kurgo).

Kurgo has always impressed us with the quality and well designed products. We have joined the 52 hike challenge this year and are excited to bring Odie and his new Stash and Dash with us on as many as we can!

Stash and Dash Harness retails for $37.99 on the Kurgo website. It is also available on Amazon. Safe Travels!


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