Guest Writer, Sarah Carey

With my kids growing up and moving out of the house, my husband and I recently decided to add to our 4-legged family with a new pound pup, Echo. Boy! I totally forgot all the these you need for a little pup and so I turned to Kurgo and the Wander Hammock to get us setup for success…. and it’s a doozy of a story.

I’ve always known that Kurgo provided top quality products for pet owners.  That being said, I can’t say enough about Kurgo’s Wander Hammock. The Wander Hammock is suspended between the front and back seats creating a waterproof and safe place for our dogs to ride. The Wander Hammock is secured using Kurgo’s own Bench Beans and under-seat paracords to secure the hammock in place. The Wander Hammock sits high enough that is prevents your pup from jumping into the front with you to ride shotgun.

Have a Human passenger along on the journey? The Wander Hammock unzips in the center to accommodate a kid, friend or your favorite coworker. Seatbelts are easily accessed through hook and loop openings so everyone can be safe.

However, I promised you a story. So buckle up and let’s get to it.


After bringing home our new puppy, Echo, a lab dalmation mix, we installed the Wander Hammock from Kurgo in our daily driver SUV.  Within days of owning the Wander Hammock I knew how vital this product would be. This product is literally a life saver or I should say CAR SAVER!

As you do with any puppy, you need to take them in for their shots and deworming. So I loaded Echo up into the Wander Hammock and set out on the short drive to the vet’s office. Echo was a true little champ at the vet’s office and of course made friends with everyone there, dog and human alike.

On our short ride home, Echo’s little body reacted to the shots resulting in explosive diarrhea and vomit.  The scene of me arriving home was this: me frantically parking in my driveway [barely putting the car in park], pulling Echo out of the car, quickly and frantically unlatching the Wander Hammock and literally dragging both to the hose. Thankfully, it was a warm summer day because both Echo and the Wander Hammock got sprayed down.

Without this product I would have spent hours detailing a car that smelled like fluids, in the hot Idaho sun. Or, if I couldn’t stomach it, I would have paid a professional car detailer hundreds of dollars to clean out my interior and pray they were able to eliminate the smell for good.

Instead, what I thought was a major catastrophe, became a minor issue. When all was said and done, both Echo and the Wander Hammock looked brand new. I let them both air dry in the front lawn while my husband and I laughed about the whole ordeal. I love this product so much I’ve already told several friends about it and plan on giving it away in some of my gift baskets that make for clients. Thank you, Kurgo!

The Wander Hammock is available on Kurgo’s Website as well as It currently retails for $69.99 and is available in 3 colors. Echo and her pup sister, Panda, are in the Charcoal color.

Kurgo’s Stash and Dash Harness for Your Best Friend

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