Delivered in a loudly decorated box, the KULA MAGNEPOD Cooler makes its presence known from the minute it lands at your feet. The KULA MAGNEPOD is not for the meek, but it is for those backyard BBQs, boat/water adventures, and camping excursions.

I have to say, this cooler is beautifully constructed and I love their marketing. The colors, ease of use and heavy duty construction, this cooler will outlive it’s five year warranty for sure. It is simply “over the top” and easy to use. We have the KULA 10 (10 gallon capacity) and yes, it is round! I was hesitant about the round shape for storage, carting around in the car, etc but outside of transportation, the curved style of the KULA brand allows for more convenient storage of drinks and snacks.

All KULA coolers are constructed with a roto-molded extra-tough plastic. Each one is insulated with their Bad Ass Insulation. This Bad Ass insulation can keep your ice cold for 3-5 days. It is important to prep your cooler for your end goal. What do I mean by that? Be sure that you store your cooler in a cool place before loading it with that expensive ice from the gas station. Cooling your drinks or food prior to throwing it in will also help! All this prep work will ensure your cold ice stays cold for that 72-120 hours.

The KULA 10 has two magnepod attachments on the lid. These are compatible with all Magnepod accessories. Kula’s website has a full list of the accessories, but two of my favorites are the MAGNEBoom, a floating and waterproof speaker, and the BOTE drinkware. The drinkware will stay attached to your lid as you open it for another sandwich or those fudgepops the kids keep asking for.

Options for customization are kinda endless for the KULA coolers. The Tote Handle can be removed and a carry strap can be attached to the stainless steel pins on the cooler. A KULA 10 Accessory Kit splits the interior of the cooler into 2-3 compartments for a customized adventure. When the KULA 10 Accessory Kit is in use, the KULA 10 can accommodate 33 12oz cans. Usually, the KULA 10 can hold 52 12oz cans.  In case you are more of a bottled drink kind of person, the front of the KULA 1o has an integrated bottle opener.

For easy drainage after your outing, the bottom of the cooler is slightly curved to allow for all liquids to easily flow out the plug on the bottom. This plug can be unscrewed slightly or fully removed for drainage.


This cooler is a multi use beast. While it is not the lightest cooler out there (24lbs), it will make sure your goodies and gear are safe and temperature controlled. When you are not camping or fishing, this cooler would be a perfect addition to your tailgate, soccer game, Shakespeare in the Park, etc.

The KULA 10 comes in 7 different colorways. It also comes in a 5 gallon size. It retails for $375 and a 4.9 rating with almost 1K reviews. If you’re not sold yet, this is the ONLY cooler to be certified as “gator proof” due to the high ratings on abrasion resistance, crush tests and puncture resistance.

You can grab up your BOTE KULA 1o on their website: HERE. We have the Seafoam green colorway but don’t be hesitant about checking out the Citron!

  • INNER DIMENSIONS: 16.7″ W × 13.2″ L × 12.2″ D
  • OUTER DIMENSIONS: 23.8″ W × 15.3″ L × 18.6″ D
  • WEIGHT: 24 LBS
  • VOLUME: 10 GAL

Safe Travels!

GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Base Camper cookset

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