Kuju Pour Over Coffee- For all your Travels

Kuju coffee is pour over coffee that is made for all travels- small and large. We took Kuju pour over coffee with us on a week long trip to Zion National Park during a road trip with our kids- so you know we needed warm coffee in our cups to survive the day!

Kuju Flavor Offerings

Six flavors are offered by Kuju Pour Over Coffee at this time, Angel’s Landing (Light), Basecamp Blend (Medium), and Bold Awakening (Dark). Three Premium Single Origin flavors are also available- West Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.

Each Kuju roast boasts of rich, bright and full bodied flavors created with the pour over method. We were able to go through them all during our week on the road and I can honestly say that my favorite was the Papau New Guinea flavoring. The notes of Dark Chocolate and Maple Syrup made for the prefect cup of coffee in the morning. Although the coffee originates from Papua New Guinea, I was immediately transported back to our vacation in Paris where we were treated to chocolate croissants and rich cappuccinos every morning.

Zion National Park Connection

The light roast Angel’s Landing was a great surprise in our bundle! Specifically because we could see Angel’s Landing every morning (unfortunately do to COVID19 it was closed) but also because the flavor profile fit that of the hikers who have been to the top of the hike. The bottom 2/3 is a climb along the beautiful red rocks and foliage of the canyon but for those who have ‘underlining notes of nuttiness’, coming out of Walter’s Wiggles and continuing onto the Hogsback’s narrow, chained lined cliff ‘s edge, this blend is perfect for them.

Creating the Perfect Cup

The internal coffee pouch of the Kuju coffees is pretty intuitive to use! Tear off the top of the filter, open the sides (also know as the wings of Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter) and set into your preferred cup. Lastly, slowly pour over your water. It is very important that the water be boiling! 200 degrees, to be exact. Let steep and enjoy your perfect cup.

Pro Tip- release the ‘Tie Fighter Wings’ prior to tearing off the top of the brew pack. Spilled coffee is just as bad as spilled wine in my house and we both can’t make that mistake!

The first go around we were a little too desperate for a cup of coffee and didn’t let the water get hot enough. The coffee was still good, just not as full bodied as it is when the water is the right temp.

Impact Conscious Coffee

The Kuju Coffee facilities are 100% wind powered and is the only known coffee facility that is! Kuju is also ethically sourced from a farm in Thailand that employs former sex-trafficked victims.

Since the launch of Kuju on kickstarter in 2015, they have been dedicated to 1% for the Planet. What does that mean for you and me? It means that they are dedicated to climate change by protecting wildlife, banning plastics, planting trees and ensuring we leave this planet better than we arrived.

In our compost bins, we are allowed to throw coffee grounds and filters into them. This makes the waste almost zero in our house when using Kuju Coffee.


At Practical Travel Gear, we are concerned with the level of packability a product has. Kuju Coffee is light, the outer packaging waterproof and compact. The single serve packets are easy to throw into the brain of your pack, ditty bag, side pocket of your luggage and purse. The packets fit most cups and travel mugs.

Really love Kuju Coffee? You can purchase bags of whole bean coffee by the bag or you sign up for their monthly subscription. With the subscription you receive free shipping. Single purchases receive free shipping with orders over $50.

We recommend Kuju Pour Over Coffee for all travelers, coffee connoisseurs, college students, those weird friends who only drink one cup a day, new parents, experienced mom and dads, van life friends and the bundles are great for house warming gifts. The Starter Bundle is only $19.

Kuju Coffee is available on their beautiful website and a small selection of coffee is available on Amazon.com.

Have Safe and Well Caffeinated Travels! 



Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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