When I’m packing for a trip, knowing I will be warm enough is always a top concern. Comfortable, cozy layers have long been my friend, but they’re not typically high fashion. Kora’s Women’s Yushu Yak Wool Base Layer LS Zip offers the best of both worlds.

Kora Women's Yushu Yak Wool Base Layer

The base layer was delivered just as the first round of cold, winter rain arrived in Northern California. On a damp, dreary day, I layered it underneath a puffer jacket and headed out on a long walk with my dog. Underestimating its warmth potential, my jacket wound up unzipped for most of the stroll.

Lightweight, breathable, and not itchy, it’s made with 60% yak wool and 40% superfine merino. Zigzag stitching adds both durability and a nice touch of pizzazz; with an overall more refined look than a typical fleece, it’s a base layer you might think twice about covering up. The zip neck adds the ability to vent, but I especially appreciated the generous arm length and longer fit that keeps the base layer from riding up. Along with playing outside in the cold, I can see this becoming a handy piece when dressing for long airplane flights.

Be sure to read the care instructions; along with zipping it closed before washing, the Yushu Yak Wool Base Layer should be dried on a line or rack. It dries quickly. The tough part, for me at least, is simply remembering not to throw it in the dryer with everything else.

Kora’s Women’s Yushu Yak Wool Base Layer LS Zip is available in three colors: bark, storm, and black. Cost is $165 on Kora’s website.

Still undecided? Kora offers a 35 day live & love or return guarantee, so you can try it out for yourself.