As one who loves to travel and share my experiences with friends and loved ones, I love using my camera to take numerous pictures and record videos of sentimental moments. Whether traditional, professional, or one that embedded into a smartphone or e-tablet, all consumer-based cameras take photos or record video frames in a square-shaped, flat-planed, straight linear position, regardless how the camera is angled. With all the evolving technological advantages in place today, what if we had a camera available that can record stills and videos at wider a

Kodak SP360

The amazing Kodak SP360

ngles and range? In an effort to re-brand itself, the legendary Kodak Company has developed such a camera in its new Pixpro SP360 action camera.

This one-of-a-kind action camera is the first to record and film visuals in 360o. So, this camera can be mounted or hand-held, producing wrap-around still images and videos. With this camera, I will be able to go almost anywhere and take these amazing pictures or recorded videos with a circular view of my surroundings. The creative possibilities in using theKodak SP360 action camera are endless and very exciting to ponder. Is this awesome? Cool! So, let’s look at the features and specifications of this innovative camera.

Colored in the trademarked Kodak black and gold pallet, this cube-shaped action camera is smaller in size (50 x 43 x 56 mm) to fit in the palm of my hand. However, on top of the SP360 camera lays a fixed, dome-shaped, fish-eyed lens, which can record stills and videos laterally at 360o and vertically at 180o. In addition to the product labeling, on the sides of the camera, we will find a one-inch monochrome LCD screen on one side; 3 buttons for record, control, and menu functions on another side; and a tri-pod screw mount with a closed mini compartment for the USB port, HDMI port, and memory card slot (it can hold up to 32GB of memory) on the third side. On this same third side, there are also two mini audio speakers; two additional mini audio speakers are found near the curvy 16-Megapixels (MP) MOS sensor lens on top of the camera. At the bottom of the Kodak SP360 camera is where we will find the battery compartment. The SP360 camera has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity to transfer photo and video files wirelessly to our iOS or Android smartphones or e-tablets using the free SP360 mobile app. Via USB connection, we can also transfer these files as well as edit them on a PC or Mac computer using the free SP360 editing software.

With the SP360 camera, standard supplied accessories include a rechargeable Li-ion battery with a charger, AC adapter, USB cable, glass lens cover, protective cover, cleaning cloth, carrying case, quick start guide, warranty card, and service card. However, the SP360 camera is also sold in three bundles – Aqua Sport Pack, Explorer Pack, and Extreme Pack. The Extreme Pack bundle has the greatest value since all the addition accessories found in the other two bundles are in the Extreme Pack bundle. Therefore, with the Extreme Pack Bundle, the additional accessories include a standard skeleton housing, a waterproof housing, extension arms, a head strap, adhesive surface mounts, two vented helmet straps, and bar and suction-cup mounts. These additional accessories not only protects the SP360 camera from splash, water, dust, and freezing conditions, but they also allow us to experiment with a wide variation of camera positions on ourselves and other objects. The cost of the SP360 camera with the Extreme Pack bundle is about $400; each of the other two bundles are $50 less than that of the Extreme Pack.

Now, let’s focus on what this SP360 camera can do. This easy-to-use camera allows us to record videos or take pictures at up to 360o viewing. Regardless how we film our surroundings, there are multiple modes to unfold our visuals using user-friendly the mobile app or software. Of the seven available unfolding modes, the front mode, which provides the classic, fish-eyed, 180o view, is the only mode that doesn’t produce a 360o image; for this mode, the SP360 camera lens must be pointed forward. The following list consists of the other six unfolding modes that produce a 360o view:

• Panorama – 360o view of a wide-angled visual i.e., picture or video
• Dome – 360o view of a dome-shaped visual
• Segment – 2-screen (front and rear) split screen viewing of visual, each at 180o
• Ring –360o view of a ring-shaped visual
• Quad – 4-screen split screen viewing of visual
• Global – 360o view of a spherical visual

It is worth noting visuals cannot be recorded on SP360 camera in Quad and Global modes. Nevertheless, the Kodak SP360 camera has numerous features for taking pictures and recording videos. For videos, the versatile camera can film within a resolution range of 1920 x 1080 at 30 fps and 848 x 480 at 120 fps; in addition, it has several video features including HD capability, white balancing, noise reduction, motion detection time-lapse modes, slow motion, and loop recording. For pictures, the SP360 camera can snap up to 10-MP still images and burst shot images at 10 fps in the following ratios: 1:1 (10 MP: 3264 x 3264, square), 4:3 (5 MP: 2592 x 1944, rectangular), and 16:9 (2 MP: 1920 x 1080, widescreen).

With anything, there is always room for improvements. Some suggestions to consider for future models include a swivel screen, an internal memory capacity over 32 GB, 4K/UHD resolution for improved video quality, adjustable ISO sensitivity, better HD resolution, enhanced exporting of visual files, video recording in Wi-Fi mode, and clearer and smudge-proof lens. Despite its shortcomings, I believe it is still a worth investment for anyone who love using an action camera. As of right now, there is no other action camera that can film a wrap-around photo or video. For that reason alone, it is exciting to use and amazing to see the visual products.

This camera is for those who are adventurous on their vacations. This camera is for tourists who visit a city for the first time and wants to capture the full experience as they wander around and sight see. This camera is for inquisitive people who want to record a phenomenon happening in real time. This camera is for thrill enthusiasts like skydivers, bike riders, surf boarders, and kayakers who want to seize their whole moments – front, back, and side to side. This camera is for the average persons who are walking around or driving their cars and they want to enjoy the full scenery. The Kodak Pixpro SP360 action camera is well-built, well-equipped especially with the Extreme Pack bundle, fast, responsive, simple to use, and most of all…fun to use. Its inventive 360o filming technology is sufficient for me to recommend this camera for imaginative picture taking and video production.


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