Keep Yourself Visible with Proviz Nightrider Cycling Rucksack

Proviz has always created highly visible products for cyclists and the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is a great large capacity backpack. We live in a very active community and with two small children you can usually find us out and about. One of our favorite modes of transportation is our bikes. For our family, being visible and taking the extra step to be seen is an issue that is too close to home. Three years ago, a fellow athlete and amazing Ironman competitor, Rachel Corey, was hit from behind on her bike while on a training ride. She suffered a spinal cord injury and is now paralyzed. She is incredibly lucky to still be with us and she is making tremendous strides in her continued recovery to return to racing.

Named one of the best places to live, Boise, Idaho has a fantastic Greenbelt that is 25 miles long and is used by pedestrians, bicyclists and now scooters. In addition to this paved trail way, we also have miles and miles of mountain bike and hiking trails in our foothills for our community to get outside and use. It is on these trails that we tested the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack.

The Nightrider Cycling Rucksack from Proviz is an extremely comfortable backpack for daily use. We tested out the 30L Nightrider Cycling Rucksack because as a family of four, we require a lot of gear for a day out. In addition, for our day jobs, we need to carry water bottles, laptops, lunches and a change of shoes for the day. The Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is made for hydration bladders so you can carry up to 2 liters in fluid. The straw is easily clipped into place on the shoulder strap.

The Nightrider Cycling Rucksack has recently been upgraded and additional fabric added to the bag for increased durability. The outer lining of the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is now a rugged PVC coated 600D nylon. Not only can the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack hold it’s own in form and function it is now water-resistance for those days you aren’t able to escape the rain or snow.

What We Love

The front of the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is water-resistant but the ventilation system ensures you are dry and cool during your commute. The honeycomb ventilation allows for air to move between you and the Nightrider Backpack.

90% of the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is reflective. This includes the large reflective triangle of the backpack itself, the trim, side pockets and compression straps. The Nightrider Cycling Rucksack will illuminate and make your presence known. The large reflective triangle is removable and can be replaced with ProViz’s Triviz Light Pack (sold separately).

The net side pockets are perfect for water bottles and will actually hold a water bottle of substantial volume.

The interior of the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is well organized. There is literally a pocket for anything and everything you could think of packing it with. It’s great for traveling! Cords and devices can be secured on the top flap while laptops or tablets are protected in the main bag. I appreciate the hooks sewn into the top of the bag. It is easy to clip my keys and work badge to them so I can quickly find them when I get to work or back home.

What We Would Change

Being female, I worry about the chest straps on all backpacks. The chest strap on the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack isn’t the most comfortable for me. Thankfully it can be removed. I use the waist strap for added support. The waist strap of the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack is also removable.

Final Thoughts

This is a remarkable bag for cyclists, hikers and the avid traveler. There are many great features to the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack that make it functional while keeping it impressively lightweight.

Currently, the Nightrider Cycling Rucksack retails for $90. You can upgrade to the Triviz Light Pack for 25% off the light package.

The Nightrider Cycling Rucksack comes in two colors, black and yellow. For additional visibility, the yellow is perfect. It is also available in a 10L if you are interested in a smaller model.

We recommend the Proviz Nightrider Cycling Rucksack to the cyclist, hiker, and scooter rider in your life. The reflective designs are ideal for the children who bike and walk to school as well. Early mornings and dark fall afternoons are when natural light is at it’s lowest and is the most dangerous time to be on the roads. In fact, our oldest is upset that we didn’t get the yellow to review because it is, “so much cooler than boring black”.

Proviz Nightrider Cycling Rucksack can be purchased on their website and specific models can be found on Proviz has an extensive line of quality products that will be sure to please everyone in your house.

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Leah Guill

Leah specializes in women's outdoor sports as well as our new yoga and SUP focused sections. Her favorite travel accessory are the ones who can pack a punch, do double duty and make traveling with kids easier on everyone! She lives in Idaho with her husband and two sons.

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