Keep the Knots at Bay with RAD Rounds

While travel is full of a million wonderful moments, it can also take a toll on your body. Sitting in uncomfortable airplane seats, toting bags, and sleeping in different beds can leave you with aching and knotted muscles that can affect you longer than your few days off.

Recently, I visited a wellness resort where they used RAD Rounds for muscle relief, and before I left, I’d ordered them for myself. I used to travel with a lacrosse ball for the same reason, but after using these, the lacrosse ball stays at home.

The eco-friendly silicone balls are BPA, latex, and plastic free. They come in a set of three in soft, medium, and firm density for deep tissue massage. The myofascial release tools are small enough (.75 inches, 1.6 inches, and 2.2 inches) to easily pack in a corner of your bag, and pull out for easy on-the-go use wherever you are.

Use them to reduce inflammation and strain on soft tissue trigger points to recover from exercise and workouts, or try to use them more frequently for optimal mobility and recovery. At home, I keep them on my desk to remind me that it only takes a few minutes a day to keep all those knotted muscles away, or at least under control.

I first used them in a class, which helped me determine that the large size was great for my feet, medium size was perfect for my back and hips, and the small size was amazing for hands and face. But you don’t need a class—there’s a user guide included that lists more than 55 uses for the RAD Rounds. Once you use them a few times, you’ll know what works best for you.

RAD Rounds list for $16 on the RAD Roller site.


Jill Robinson is a freelance writer who lives in a small California beach town near the big wave surf spot, Mavericks. She divides her time between writing about travel, running a kayak business and trying to wring awe-inspiring adventure out of every day. Her articles have been featured in the AFAR, National Geographic Traveler, Outside, the San Francisco Chronicle, and more. Catch up with her adventures on and IG/Twitter at dangerjr.

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