Recently, years of caution ended when my phone slipped out of my pocket during a Fiji trip. The phone was in a protective case, but it seems that the screen landed perfectly on the jagged edge of a cobblestone, and it cracked. Since then, I’ve been a butterfingers with my phone a few more times, although the phone wasn’t damaged. Luckily.


While cases aren’t a guarantee that your phone won’t get damaged, they’re still a solid bet against the worst damage. I decided that the universe was signaling that I needed to update my case. My phone, with its new screen, is now protected by the OtterBox OtterGrip Symmetry Series Antimicrobial case.


That’s a mouthful, so I’ll break it down.


The one-piece design installs and removes easily, and the case is made with more than 50-percent recycled plastic. It also incorporates lasting antimicrobial technology that helps protect the case (not you or the screen, though) against many common bacteria.


The case’s durable protection shields against drops, bumps, and fumbles, with 3x as many drops as military standard. Raised edges protect the camera and the screen. You can charge the case easily with a wireless or MagSafe charger, and the MagSafe attachment works extremely well.


The OtterGrip has a built-in grip on the back of the case for phone handling, whether you’re taking a selfie or angling the phone for a better photo of something else. That grip presses flat when it’s not in use, so the back of the case is like any other case, but with a grip superpower.


The OtterGrip Symmetry Series Antimicrobial case comes in black, blue storm (blue), chill out (green), made me blush (pink), peaches (orange), or poppies by the sea (blue), and lists for $59.95 on the OtterBox site.

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