When you travel a lot, you end up trying out a lot of gear for the purpose of finding that one piece that’s just right. Your favorite piece may look good, or it may perform spectacularly, or it may just simply do its job better than many others. Or, it might do all of the above.

I tend to pack things in pouches, or small zippered bags, so when I reach into my carry-on bag, I don’t have to search through a bunch of loose stuff to find the thing I need. And when I get to the destination, I often repurpose the pouch and use it for a purse—something to carry my essentials, like money/cards/keys, phone, notebook, and pen.

When my friend, Kait Hanson, turned me on to Aloha Collection bags, I found my just-right bag.

Made from a light, waterproof fabric, the bags are splashproof. That means they’re not entirely waterproof (the zippers and seams are not watertight), but they’re perfect to have by the pool, on a boat, on the beach, at the bar, or other places where they might be subject to some liquid. Just don’t drag them underwater with you.

The styles are seemingly endless. Choose a bright pattern for day, and a sleeker pattern for night. Pick a bunch of the same designs across a variety of sizes. Do whatever you want. I use my smallest pouch for my wet swimsuit, the next largest for carry-on essentials to have at my seat, and a large tote for my day bag when I arrive.

When I need to wash my Aloha Collection bags (I have bought several), I just hand wash them in the sink and hang dry. That’s all you need.

The Aloha Collection folks donate 5 percent of the profits annually to Hawaii conservation to help protect the natural beauty of the islands.

Aloha Collection Bags come in a variety of sizes (from pouches to totes) and patterns (from straight-ahead tropical and Aloha vibes to collaborations with artists). Looking at the Indigo Collection, for example, the smallest pouch is $22 and the day-tripper tote is $64. All are available on the Aloha Collection site.