Most water adventures are made more fun when we bring our furry best friends along. Their canine enthusiasm for new sights and smells can make an average kayak journey the highlight of the summer, and their companionship can remind us to live in the moment. But our responsibilities as human companions are to ensure that they stay safe.


Even if your pup is a water pro, outfit her with the Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket.


Humans wear life jackets on the water, so why not dogs? This fully featured life jacket has a sleek silhouette and is made with polypropylene webbing and flexible, PVC-free Gaia foam for a soft, comfortable fit. The foam panels are placed in the jacket to support a natural canine swimming position, so your best buddy doesn’t thrash about.


The strong, low-profile handle is optimally placed to assist you in helping your dog out of the water, and the buckles are easy-to-use and keep adjustable straps firmly in place over the countless times you use the jacket. The telescoping neck closure is secure, yet also adjusts for a range of dog sizes. To find the right size for your pooch, follow the instructions on the Ruffwear site to measure around the widest part of the rib cage.


Reflective accents are added to enhance visibility in low-light conditions. You can also attach a waterproof light beacon to the light loop on the jacket’s handle. A leash clip-in point is underneath the handle.


Instead of tossing the Float Coat in the trunk after a water session, give it a rinse and set it out to air dry. When the time comes for serious cleaning, secure the fasteners, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with mild detergent, and air dry.


The Float Coat lists for $89.95 and comes in three colorways: blue dusk, wave orange, and red sumac.

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