Even if you don’t live in a place that’s having an epic winter/spring deluge, you can appreciate the simple luxury of keeping your feet dry when you’re out in the elements. And when you’re traveling somewhere rainy, it’s helpful to have casual rain boots that perform well and are also comfortable enough to wear them all day.


Lately, during the past few months of rain in California, the Bogs Casual Lace Boots have been especially useful.


The lightweight boots are made with recycled rubber, laces, jersey, and heel webbing, and also uses gold-certified leather (a sign of responsible leather manufacturing), and are constructed with Neo-Tech waterproof insulation to make them 100-percent waterproof. Bogs’ rubber factories minimize waste by using as much as 40 percent post-industrial recycled material.


Bogs incorporates a Rebound Bloom eco-friendly, algae-based EVA footbed through a process that helps clean polluted-water habitats. Footbed cushioning makes the boots comfortable enough to keep on all day, whether you are puddle splashing, walking in the snow, or it’s slamming down rain.


The brand’s Max-Wick technology helps evaporates sweat to keep your feet dry. Once you take them off after wearing them all day, you won’t need to keep the boots in the garage—DuraFresh natural bio-technology helps to fight any unwanted odors.


If you need boots to wade into deeper snow or water, these are not your best choice. They rise to just above the ankles, and will be overtopped if you don’t judge the depth of the snow or water correctly. But they’ve been perfect during California’s wet winter this year, and I see them becoming a staple at home and on the road.


The Men’s Casual Lace Boots come in black, dark brown, and dark green, and list for $89.90 on sale on the Bogs site.

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