Top women’s travel clothing accessory: Kavu Pretty Poncho

Top women's travel clothing accessory: Kavu Pretty Poncho | Practical Travel Gear

For every woman who has endured chilly airplane cabins, the Kavu Pretty Poncho is for you. This light, stylish poncho has become my go-to travel clothing accessory: it starts every journey with me on the plane, keeping me warm when the tiny overhead air conditioner blasts me unconditionally, then stows nicely in a handbag or backpack to slip on when eating outdoors in the evening, grabbing a coffee on a patio on a brisk morning, or catching an early taxi or train. It’s been on every trip with me since I got it, no exaggeration.


This pullover knit sweater poncho has a nice diamond shape that drapes in a flattering way…yes, really. It’s not boxy like your standard poncho; instead, it clings just enough to look elegant instead of frumpy. I’ve found wearing the Pretty Poncho has the same effect on tired travel clothing as a nice scarf…it instantly dresses up any outfit, while simultaneously letting you feel like you’re wearing a cozy blanket.

It’s 100% polyester but super soft, and as noted above, it’s lightweight. This is not a thick poncho. It’s definitely not designed to keep you warm in extreme weather. Instead, it adds just that single extra layer that’s so often needed in spring and fall, or on travel days or evenings in summer. But I saved the best for last: my favorite feature of the Pretty Poncho is the neckline, which is designed like an oversized rolled turtleneck. The result is a gentle draped look (much like a scarf) that adds to the elegance of the poncho when you’re, say, sitting at an outdoor cafe, and adds to the comfort when you’re on the plane. Plus, you can absolutely pull this oversized neckline up over your face or eyes if you want to get some sleep on your travel day, or if you just want to block out the world around you (hello, red-eye flight).

The Pretty Poncho comes in two colors, black or taupe. The black is more like a charcoal gray, in my opinion, and the taupe is very light, like an oatmeal color. Last year’s model also came in a rich maroon, which can still be found on some sites. It’s one-size-fits-all, and packs down quite small in a carry-on bag or backpack, as needed. Pick it up for $69 on Amazon or the Kavu website, a good value for a travel accessory this versatile. It’s currently also available on Backcountry.