Jobe SUP Paddleboards Are Designed For Every Rider – A Quick Review

In the world of Stand Up Paddleboards, the options are aplenty. This was never more apparent than at the Demo Day for the Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, Utah this past summer.

In all, we were able to trial 27 different SUP boards by 8 different companies and we didn’t make it to all the demos that were available.

My end goal in demo day was to decide whether I wanted to purchase an inflatable or rigid board. Never did I consider I was going to need to contemplate the stability, speed and maneuverability, length, width, bungees or no bungees, and then there’s the touring option.

Touring?! I spent more time focused on the right board then I did choosing a college for my undergrad degree.

I spent another day visiting all the booths of the boards I wasn’t able to make it to and discovered JOBE Stand Up Paddling. The boards were simple in design and colors, and their rep. Patrick walked me through the boards that would best suit my needs.

The JOBE stand up paddleboards come in a complete package which includes a waterproof bag, the SUP board, paddle, pump, leash, fin and a repair kit.

The waterproof bag is well constructed and holds all the accessories. With the Yarra, Duna, Neva and Luna boards, the backpack comes with an extra pocket allowing you to live out of the bag while touring and playing.

The board was extremely easy to pump up with the provided manual pump. At times I felt as if I might break the pump as the board was reaching 10-12psi so I wish the plastic construction of the pump was sturdier.

In the near future we plan of investing in a battery operated pump to speed up the inflation time.

The paddle is very intuitive when it comes to sizing and although it lacks the sizing guide some other brands had, it was simple enough to extend to the proper height and lock into place.

The handle grip on the paddle is also comfortable, allowing for the longer touring rides. JOBE also carries a line of paddles for every ability level in additional colors and materials. A paddle-specific bag is available if you don’t like to keep your paddle in the backpack.

Our inaugural cruise on the Yarra 10.6 JOBE Stand Up Paddlebaord was a huge success. The day was a perfect 95 F and the water smooth as can be. Our children joined us and each of us had plenty of room to stand and paddle with a child on the front.

Our littlest even fell asleep on the bow while we were moving towards our dinner picnic area. I guess that speaks volumes to the smooth ride and comfortability this board can offer. The Yarra is a great all round board with versatility to take it on a longer rides to practicing yoga.

I appreciate the grip on the board and the simple design. On Demo day, we trialed many beautiful boards but the antiskid padding on the boards was in weird designs, making it harder to get a strong grip with my feet. JOBE offers a simple linear design.

Being just shy of novices on a paddleboard, our children were able to jump from board to board without throwing either of us into the water and at one point we were attempting headstands as the boards were docked. I was very impressed with the stability of the board as we turned, played and napped away the afternoon.

I took a friend out with me a couple weeks later who had never been on a board and she had no issues standing right up, maneuvering and carrying the board.

One of my favorite features of the Yarra is how lightweight this board is. Compared to others we have rented, this board allows for my 7-year-old son to easily pick it up and move it onto the beach. According to the JOBE website, the board only weighs 20lbs.

This lightweight technology also makes for transporting the board in the backpack an easy task. I have no trouble deflating, rolling and placing the board in the waterproof bag. The straps on the waterproof bag are surprisingly comfortable as well!

JOBE Stand UP Paddleboard also supplies a beautiful line of street to board clothing, the Jobe Discovery Series. One of my favorite pieces is the Discover Loose fit Shirt for women. It comes in a great coral color that would work with any skin tone and boasts a high to low hem for adequate coverage of the bum while you are paddling.

They pair perfectly with the Discover Shorts Nero. The Nero provides a longer length in hem than the Women’s Ruby allowing for a more flattering fit.

For the colder days, JOBE has beautifully designed a Fiber22 jacket with liquid Titanium women into the fabric to help stimulate blood circulation. With a Velcro closures on the wrists and a high neck zip up, the Fiber22 is sure to keep you warm while you explore more of the water.

If you are interested in renting a board and trying them out for yourself, visit citysup webiste to locate JOBE and discover new routes and endless adventures.

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