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Innate Deltos RFID Blocking Passport Wallet


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Innate is known for making quality travel gear that protects your valuables and keeps you organized. I’m not surprised they’re ready with RFID blocking technology. For a recent trip to Europe, I knew I needed a slim billfold that would house my passport and a few cards, plus have space for cash. I planned to stash this billfold into a sleeve of a bigger day pack, so I didn’t want anything bulky. The Innate Deltos RFID Blocking Passport Wallet fit the bill perfectly (pun intended).



This wallet is slim enough to fit in a pocket if needed: I fit it in my jacket chest pocket that zippers closed, but it could easily fit in a pant pocket as well. The RFID blocking material shields the inner storage areas, protecting information stored on cards or documents. As we all know, this technology reduces identify theft while abroad. As I was in busy train stations, airports, and other public spaces every day during my trip, I needed a secure place for my cards.

The Deltos has an eyelet in the outer shell of the wallet, so you could attach it more securely if desired. In my day pack, I was able to attach the wallet to my key ring clip. The cover is water resistant and quite tough, and there’s space for 4-5 cards plus a passport. There is not room, however, for multiple passports. My favorite feature: the divided storage area for various currencies. During our trip, we had the (wider) euros and (thinner) dollars, and could separate them so we didn’t reach for the wrong kind of currency at markets and food stands.

The wallet is 4 x 1 x 5, and weighs only two ounces. An even smaller billfold, the PortaLarge, is around $16. The Deltos comes in black/green color for $35 on Amazon or Innate.