Innate Outdoor Travel
Innate Active Travel Towel

  • Recycled polyester yarn with a quick drying.
  • Short-loop grid pattern.
  • Biocide-Free, Silver Ion anti-bacterial treatment.
  • Recycled fabric and mesh paneled storage sac.
  • 100% recycled polyester towels.

Imagine a towel that is lightweight, perfect for travel or your outdoor activities or even drying off after a workout at the gym, and even made from recyclable materials and fabrics. The good news is, one already exists! The Innate Active travel towel is designed to do just that, and much more.

Using an ordinary towel for hiking and other outdoor adventures or even after a gym session just doesn’t cut it. Most ordinary towels stay wet until air-dried or even soak in odor. The Innate Active travel towel is Ideal for hiking and adventures, lightweight for travel, or drying off after a cardio workout!

Innate Active Travel Towel Features – No More Wet Towels!


Here are some unique features behind the Innate Active travel towel, and what truly makes the Innate brand and products different than other active wear and accessory brands:

  • 100% recycled polyester yarn with a quick drying, short-loop grid pattern
  • Biocide-Free
  • Silver Ion anti-bacterial treatment
  • Made from repurposed and recycled fabrics
  • Mesh paneled storage sac for air circulation when packed wet


The Innate Active travel towel dries up to 30 percent faster than other comparable brands and products!


Benefits of the Innate Active Travel Towel – Keep it In the Loop!


The need for designing and developing an active travel towel made from a recycled polyester yarn was a bit of a challenge for the Innate design team. After producing a number of prototypes, the team developed a short loop grid pattern that effectively absorbs water and without the odor.

In order to ensure that the Innate towels dry up to 30 percent faster than other models and brands, the Innate design team chose a silver ion treatment that serves as a stable bond to the yarn. Because Innate is all about designing products that are environmentally-friendly and safe, the silver ion was used in order to reduce potential environmental hazards resulting from washing, but without sacrificing comfort, size or functionality.

About the Innate Brand

Innate builds and designs its products for the active customer who enjoys timeless experiences. The Innate product line and collection is designed for travel, outdoor recreations and activities, all while delivering seamless performance while helping customers live healthy, active, and fulfilling lives.

Innate was founded in Vancouver, Canada by Greg Foweraker, a climber, surfer, and adventurous traveler in 2009. Through his own life experiences and love and passion for the outdoors, Foweraker recognized the need to create a line of products that improve the quality of customers’ lives without being too harsh on the environment. With a love and passion for our environment and nature, all of Innate’s products are manufactured with repurposed and recyclable materials and fabrics.

Innate was purchased by GSI Outdoors, an iconic, family-owned, outdoor cooking and tableware brand based out of Spokane, Washington in May 2015. GSI Outdoors has over 30 years of experience designing, creating, and enriching outdoor experiences for customers. Both teams are excited to collaborate and partner with each other, as they share a similar focus and mission on designing products that are innovative, and most importantly, fun.