In times of turmoil, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The year 2018 was a challenging period for the fashion industry where luxury brands faced a lot of criticism for their exploitative practices and expensive products. With consumers becoming more conscious and ethical about what they buy, the demand for sustainable fashion is increasing day by day. With an objective to revolutionize the fashion market, Indyeva has started a new chapter in fashion- to build a company that will change how we think about apparel forever. Indyeva knows exactly what this industry needs right now—a brand that cares about its people just as much as its profits; an affordable line of everyday clothing; an accessible way to shop that respects our time; and most importantly, clothing made with love, not exploitation.

Why Sahra?

The name Sahra came from a desire to find a name that represented the company’s philosophy and mission. Sahra is a word that originates from the Middle East. Its literal translation is “desert”, but it also has a deeper meaning. Sahra is a place where everything is pure and raw. It’s where you can feel the most uninhibited version of yourself. The desert is wide-open and uncharted. It’s a place where you can completely reinvent yourself. It’s a place where you can find yourself when you’re at your worst and least expecting it. A place where you can create a beautiful life for yourself. Sahra is about using raw materials to create something beautiful. It’s about using your past experiences to create a better future for yourself.

The Sahra shorts are a prime example of the Indyeva way. Fast drying, moisture wicking fabric makes them great for travel, hiking, and general city exploring.  The longer inseam allows for you to move and scramble without chafing and the air permeability of this lightweight fabric keeps you cool and dry through wet adventures.

My favorite feature of the Sahra short is the waistband with the drawstring adjustment. It makes for a more personalized fit and stays comfortable all day long. The UPF 50+ keeps you safe from the sun’s harsh rays while you are out. With the sleet silhouette and fast dry fabric you can easily transition from the trails to dinner in these shorts.

Wear Everyday

In this age of fashion, people usually prefer buying seasonal or special occasion clothing, so they can either wear it once or twice before they forget it in their closets. However, Indyeva believes that everyone should be able to afford high-quality clothing that can be worn every day and for all four seasons. Indyeva has launched a mission to change the way fashion is perceived. In today’s world, fashion is an expensive luxury, but Indyeva believes in making it affordable and accessible to all. They are adamant about offering high-quality clothing at affordable prices so that people don’t have to compromise on quality and affordability.

Sustainable over Fast Fashion

Indyeva believes in sustainable practices and repurposing materials to reduce wastage. They plan to use organic and repurposed fabrics to create eco-friendly and sustainable clothing. Indyeva also wants to reduce their carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of energy used in their processes to protect the environment. They also plan to use minimal packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and waste. Indyeva is presently working with manufacturers that possess accreditations and certifications related to working conditions, human rights and management systems. By 2025, Indeya’s goal is to be 100% recycled synthetic fibers as well as natural and organic fibers used in their clothing.

Bottom Line

Indyeva is a company that is revolutionizing the fashion industry through its affordable and sustainable clothing. Their mission is to make fashion ethical, sustainable and affordable for everyone. The Sahra shorts is the third piece of Indyeva clothing that I have added to my closet and I have been impressed by the quality and versatility of all of them. The Sahra shorts can easy carry you from Spring through the warmer days of Fall and all the adventures you have planned.

The Sahra short retails for $95.00 and is available in sizes from XS-XL. A wide variety of color options is available as well.


Safe Travels!

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