Incase EO Hardshell Roller

Incase EO Hardshell Roller

Not your typical rollaboard, the black and grey Incase EO Hardshell Roller carry-on bag turns heads. Could it be the neon yellow wheels? Or maybe the hardshell surface that opens to store a laptop as large as 17 inches?

Don’t worry about you computer so close to the edge of the bag. The exterior is coated with a durable, polycarbonate surface that can take a strong beating.

My primary choice when it comes to carry-on luggage is a hardshell bag because it can take a lot of stress when tossed around in taxis and by regional jet baggage handlers. The soft top handle makes it easy to lift the bag into the trunk of a car or an overhead bin.

Two interior compartments open for storage. One is for the laptop, paperwork, and other small items while the other is much larger for clothing. Zippered pockets help to keep smaller items separated, and the depth of the suitcase allows for a surprisingly large amount of items to be packed. If you overshop (or overpack), the zippered compartment has an expanding feature that allows the space inside the bag to grow by as much as a third.

The bag fits within most airline’s carry-on policies, but once expanded, expect the occasional challenge (mostly when overseas).

Another unique feature about this bag is that it does not unzip to the side, but it flips completely open butterfly-style. This TSA-friendly design feature allows the computer section to flip open when passing through security without the need to remove it. The handle retracts smoothly from the back of the bag and is quite sturdy.

Incase is known for its protective gear for technology items so it is perfectly fitting for the company to develop such a quality carry-on bag. It retails for around $300 on Amazon. It would be great if Incase created a four-wheel roller version, but for now, this bag is a great traveler tool.