Road tripping, camping, and camper van life are all having quite the moment right now. Those of us who love the outdoors and exploration are turning to self-sustained travel options in which we have the ability to make our own meals and sleep in our own beds, whether those beds are sleeping bags or RV mattresses. I’ve been enjoying the #vanlife, weekending in a Westfalia camper van with my partner and friends, but there’s been one problem.

You know those green camp stove propane bottles? We’ve been going through those all summer, and have worried over where we can recycle them. The answer: hardly anywhere! Instead, they end up in the garbage.

I was thrilled to hear about Ignik, a company devoted to sustainability and keeping landfill out of natural spaces…in particular, the Arctic. They make solutions for heating our bodies and our devices while enjoying the outdoors in cold climates, motivated after a family sailing trip that left them inspired to ‘be the change’.

We tried out the Ignik Gas Growler Deluxe, which has replaced our green propane canisters for our cook stove, our gas grill, and our gas heater. ALL THREE of these pieces of equipment can now go green canister-free!

The Gas Growler Deluxe is essentially just a reusable propane tank designed to replace the single-use green propane bottles. Each time you refill the Gas Growler you are saving money and keeping five single-use propane bottles out of the landfill. All the packaging is recyclable and the canister can be used for 12 years before it needs re-certification.

We refill our growler at any place we’d get propane for the backyard BBQ, and one fill costs about the same as one single-use green bottle and lasts 5 times as long. You get a 4’/1.2M hose included, that attaches to all heaters and stoves that use the single-use green propane bottles. We had no problem attaching it to our GSI Outdoors camp stove and our Little Buddy heater. It’s safe to transport in your car, RV, or boat. You also get a rugged protective case with room for the hose and wrench storage, with webbing for attaching pouches for accessories, or strapping down for transport. We use the webbing for the latter.

Pick it up on Ignik for $149!

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