Winter is coming and if it hasn’t already shown its cold and windy face at your door, there is still time to get prepared. A majority of device batteries can only work sufficiently in temperatures higher than 32 degrees Farenheit so Ignik’s new biodegradable phone and device warmers should be on your short list of must haves with La Nina ready to make her presence known.

With 8-14 hours of battery preserving heat available for your tablets or phones, the Ignik device warmers are sure to keep your battery well charged, your camera ready to snap that sick trick, send texts to friends on the mountain and even call for help.

The Ignik Device warmers couldn’t be easier to use. Simply remove the warmer of your choice from the package, remove the back label to expose the medical grade adhesive and attach to your device. The Ignik heating element is air activated and can take up to 10 minutes to fully warm up. After that, your device will stay at a comfortable temperature so the battery can function properly.

Game Changer

The adhesive element to the warmer is a medical grade adhesive and will not damage the device. This is a game changer for me. No longer am trying to position my phone in the warmest pocket of my ski jacket, or having to take my gloves off to retrieve just my phone and insure the heat pack doesn’t fall out or better yet, having to remove it from another heat controlling sleeve. There are too many chances that I will drop my phone, my gloves or the sleeve! And, of course, it would be on the chair lift where I would lose my gear forever.

A Parent Must Have

The adhesive is also worthy of a Parent Must Have Award! Close your eyes and remember those cold, wet and tragically long days of soccer and flag football tournaments. Wouldn’t you like to be able keep warm and check on your social media accounts while your kid is benched? Think Ignik for your next weekend of games. I use Ignik’s Device Warmers on my son’s iPad and walkie-talkies knowing that he will have battery life and we will be able to get hold of each other even on the coldest of days. Or, when the inevitable happens and he leaves the device behind somewhere, we can geo locate it, retrieve it and then ground him.

The hand warmers are compact enough in size that we can slip them into our gloves without causing excess bulk. It’s easy enough to expose them to air prior to use- we throw them into our gloves when we start getting dressed and by the time we are all suited up and ready to hit the slopes, our gloves are warmed up and ready to play.

98% Biodegradable

As we look for more responsible gear to curate our collection with, I want to point out that these are thoughtfully produced and the internal makings can be recycled making it 98% biodegradable! Perfect for throwing in with your cold weather gear, glove box or bug-out-bag.

The Ignik phone warmer last up to 8 hours, Hand Warmers are up to 10 hours and Tablet/Device warmers are up to 14 hours. The packs are easy to recycle as well- just cut open the pack and use the internal natural chemicals as fertilizer in your garden beds or dispose of it in your compost bin.

Ignik’s line of warmers can be purchased on their website or on Great for stocking stuffers!


Safe Travels!

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