Icebreaker’s Waypoint Roll Neck Sweater is Merino wool goodness in a tunic length. I love this length for travel days because it works so well with leggings and tights, which take up far less room in my carry-on than jeans or slacks. (Of course, the Waypoint will look great with those, too, especially your favorite pair of skinny jeans.)

The Waypoint is made with 100 percent Merino. Why does that make me happy? This wool is super soft, non-itchy, and non-clammy. It’s lightweight even though this sweater looks substantial, and wool always helps to regulate body temperature (it will wick away light sweat, keeping you cooler in warm situations, like airline cabins). Best of all for travelers who don’t have access to washing machines regularly, Merino wool is odor-resistant. I can wear mine at least 3-4 times in normal conditions before washings. And Merino is naturally renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.

The Waypoint Roll Neck looks thick and substantial, as I said. It’s described as oversized, but it’s not boxy. It’s just not slim or fitted. It’s a good one-layer outfit, and while you could wear a tank or tee underneath, you won’t need to, like you might with other sweaters. The Waypoint is just that soft.

You’ll probably only need to pair this sweater with a down vest in chilly weather outdoors. Pick it up on the Icebreaker website in sizes XS-XL in toast heather (light brown), charcoal heather (mid-gray), or midnight navy for $220. If you don’t want the bulk of a roll neck, there’s also a crew sweater option for a few bucks less.

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