Icebreaker Bliss WrapOne of the most important requirements for travel clothing is the ability to mix and match a limited wardrobe. But when you’re traveling for more than a few days, you have to start thinking about washing your clothes. Or not. Would you believe it’s possible to wear five pieces of clothing for 10 days without washing them?

Let me be clear—I’m not talking about wearing only those five items. Mix in the all-important underwear, socks, one or two more pairs of pants and a couple of shirts, and that should help make you look like you’re not so limited in your wardrobe choices. But for those five main pieces, if they’re from Icebreaker, you can slide on the laundry.

With the Icebreaker Journeys line, a comfortable, superfine merino wool layering system, you can wear them for 10 days and still look (and feel) fresh. Unlike some synthetics that are coated with chemicals to prevent odor, Icebreaker merino has natural anti-bacterial properties. That means you can go for longer without washing.

Merino also has a longer, more flexible fiber staple than traditional wool, so there’s no itch. It stays cool in the heat and warm in cool weather, and the clothing is static-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, looking good for longer than cottons or some synthetics.

Here’s a list of the five items I wore over the past 10 days:

Bliss Wrap

The Bliss Wrap makes everything seems way more elegant, including a T-shirt. Even better, with its front button and sash, it can be worn three different ways: open, tied, or buttoned. It’s made from the lightest-weight merino offered by Icebreaker, and the deep-set pockets can carry more than you think. It’s available for $140 on the Icebreaker site, or $139.95 on Amazon.

Villa Pant

Comfortable enough to lounge around in, but dressy enough to wear out at night, the Villa Pant should be a travel clothing list staple. The mid-weight merino terry fabric has a little bit of stretch in it, thanks to the 2-4 percent Lycra. The wide waistband doesn’t dig and the handy pockets fit just what you need. It’s available for $125 on the Icebreaker site, or for $124.95 on Amazon.

Icebreaker Roma Dress

Short-Sleeved Tech Scoop Scatter

T-shirts never seem to be dressy enough, but the Short-Sleeved Tech Scoop Scatter can be work alone with jeans or dressed up easily with the Villa Pant and Bliss Wrap for a great evening outfit. It fits just like your favorite T-shirt, but it’s made of Icebreaker’s lightest-weight merino. It’s available for $75 on the Icebreaker site, or for $60-$74.95 on Amazon.

Roma Dress

An ideal little black dress, the Roma Dress is perfect for both casual sightseeing and elegant dinners. The superfine merino in this knee-length wrap dress breathes easily, allowing you to wear it in warm and cool conditions. In-seam pockets are an added bonus for the traveler who isn’t carrying a bag. It’s available for $120 on the Icebreaker site, or $119.95 on Amazon.

Long-Sleeved Athena V

Made of 100 percent pure merino, the Long-Sleeved Athena V is for when you want to feel a little bit luxurious. It’s so soft, you won’t want to take it off, and there are thumbholes for those chilly nights on the road. It’s so sleek-looking that you can even wear the most casual skirt or pants with it, and nobody will notice. It’s available for $180.00 on the Icebreaker site, or for $179.95 on Amazon.

Follow the links above to learn more, or search Icebreaker where there’s a good selection online: at Moosejaw and Backcountry.

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