Hyfit Gear 1 Smart Resistance Training System

Whether you prefer not to work out in a gym (or maybe you cannot because they are still closed in your area), Hyfit Gear 1 has a safe and sanitary solution. This smart resistance training system is great for those that want to get in a workout, but don’t have their own equipment. I also think it is perfect for travelers that want to carry their own gear with them instead of visiting a hotel gym.


How it works

You can work your entire body using these resistance bands, which is pretty impressive for something that is easy to set up and not that cumbersome. One of the easiest ways to use this is to anchor it to a door (every room has one!); it comes with its own door anchor that is easy to use.


The basis of this system is tied to the brand’s app, which features a large collection of exercise videos that guide you through a workout and is available for both iOS and Android devices. What I was most concerned about is trying something that might be too strenuous for me (others may want something that is more advanced). The app has content for all levels. You can customize the weight anywhere between 2 and 22 pounds, and if you use two bands, you can double the weight to up to 44 pounds.


Different exercises are available via the app including aerobic and weight training options. It guides you on how to perform squats, lunges, pull-ups, and upper body strength and toning exercises. There are plans to keep adding more workouts to the app, and by mid-October, the company says it will have 100 different videos to use as exercise guides.


The resistance bands have sensors inside them that connect to a mobile device, which supplies real-time information for your workout via the app. It records the length of your workout, the type of resistance you used, and number of reps completed among other things.


This is helpful if you want to record your progress or share it with friends. I find that when you have to hold yourself accountable for something, it becomes a lot easier to achieve those goals. I really liked how it measures your calorie and fat burn and heart rate because these are easy-to-understand metrics that provide motivation to keep working out.


resistance band


The two resistance bands come with handles that you can attach and adjust for easy use as well as wrist and ankle straps. While I had no intention to, there is a notice that these are not to be used for suspension purposes.


Perfect for travel

Some people may not like working out in a crowded gym or in a space where other people may be watching them. That’s why Hyfit Gear 1 is perfect because you can use it in the privacy of your hotel room or home.


If you are concerned about it taking up too much space or weighing too much when traveling, you’re in luck. It only weighs three pounds, and it has a battery life for up to 60 hours before you would need to recharge it.


If you weren’t able to take full advantage of your gym membership this year or simply do not want to pay for one anymore, this is a great alternative at a significant price savings. It is very easy to set up, which might be a concern for some, so there is no need to worry. It retails for just under $300 from the Hyfit website and could make a great holiday gift for those that want to stay fit and feel good no matter where they are.

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