We have seen many travel companies move away from single-use plastics in the recent year, and HYDAWAY has done the same thing with its latest limited edition water bottle. The material used is more environmentally friendly further reducing its size and weight while also making a charitable donation.

The familiar silicone swirl pattern of this 18 ounce water bottle remains, and they come with either a spout lid or traditional top. When flattened, they can be placed in a convenient carrying case to keep them free from other items in your bag. This is great for hygiene and organizational purposes.

The foam and fabric shell travel packs with convenient zippers come in varying designs including ocean wave and sunset sea; they reduce the size to about 1.5 inches so that the bottle can easily tuck into your pants pocket or a briefcase or purse without taking up too much room. There’s also an attached clip so that they can be hooked to a backpack or briefcase.

These bottles are watertight to prevent any spills when they are filled up, but even when flattened, they will not leak if properly sealed. There is also little worry about their safety as they are crafted from non-toxic material made from food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic.

The company is pledging five percent of its sales from these travel pack bundles to the No2plastic.org website. This next-generation bottle is actually a bit smaller and lighter (only five ounces) than the original model, which makes them even more popular for frequent travelers.

These are great for camping, but also for business travelers that find themselves on the road constantly and having to clean on the go. Bottles are dishwasher safe, but they can also be easily cleaned in a hotel room because the bottle’s wide mouth makes it especially easy for cleaning. Road warriors will find them easy to fit into cup holders of different rental cars as they drive.

I always want to stay hydrated when I travel, and sometimes, the most convenient thing is to have a refillable water bottle. Ironically, some airports have taken away my empty water bottle saying that they are not allowed (roll eyes). That’s the coolest feature of the HYDAWAY collapsible water bottle because when you bring it down to its smallest size and tuck it into its carrying case, nosy security people won’t even know that it is a water bottle.

This is great because it is less wasteful and super convenient. Plus, it’s much cheaper than paying for bottled water in the airport or at your hotel. I love that I can refill it in most airports or at many hotel fitness centers. It is also great for not taking up extra space in your carry-on bag as airlines become more stringent on policing bags. Even with regular plastic water bottles, I find that they can get easily crushed when I put them in my carry-on bag making them less useful later.

I also noticed that there was no after taste when reusing this bottle. Stylish travelers can pick the color that best suits their mood, and at only $35 for this combined travel pack (with some of the proceeds going to charity), there’s motivation to buy even more than one!

It retails on the HYDAWAY website for around $20, which depends on the size you order, but the travel pack with the newest 18 oz bottle is $35 for both the bottle and carrying case. Families can buy bundles of bottles including smaller options for kids.

This is a great gift for those looking to do their small part for the planet when traveling.

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